Exclusive: Rashmika Mandanna gets candid about her engagement to Rakshit Shetty and her upcoming films

The actress speaks about her engagement with Rakshit Shetty and her upcoming films in Telugu and Tamil.

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Rashmika Mandanna exclusive interview

Rashmika Mandanna shot to fame with the film Kirik Party that released in 2016. The young actress impressed everyone with her cute looks and acting prowess. Rashmika is now one of most sought after actress in South Indian cinema with filmmakers approaching her for the lead roles in their films.

In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla South, Rashmika Mandanna gets candid about her engagement with actor Rakshit Shetty, her upcoming films and her recent controversy.

Talking about how love blossomed between the two, Rashmika said, “Actually, there was no proposing or anything as such (Laughs)…. We don’t really know when it all started. We never had something like a romantic thing going on. Just that we were really comfortable when we were with each other. So, if you ask me when and how it started, I’m confused about it even today.”

So, it was all over the news that we were dating each other and we were in a relationship which caught us off guard. And we thought why would people say that? And on learning about this, my parents got very curious about this because they knew nothing about it. So, they called Rakshit home one day and my father spoke to him about what was happening between us. Rakshit then said that we like being with each other and are comfortable with each other, and would want to spend the rest of the life with your daughter. My parents respected that and agreed to it. They really respect Rakshit and like him a lot. And that’s how this whole thing started,” added Rashmika.

When quipped if Rakshit Shetty is the dream guy that she wanted to get married to, Rashmika said,” I wanted to get married to a guy who was not from a film background, who would come back home from a typical desk job and spend the rest of the evening with me, and wanted him to give me full attention. Rakshit is completely opposite to that. He is from the industry, he can’t give me enough time given his commitments and he is very unromantic (Laughs).”

Rashmika Mandanna In Shraddha Ponappa
Rashmika Mandanna and Rakshit Shetty at their engagement ceremony

When asked if Rakshit knows about her dream husband, Rashmika said,” Yes, I have told him. He just tells me one thing that he can only be the person that he is. And I tell him the same – you better be the person who you are. I don’t want him to fake anything.

Talking about her engagement ceremony, Rashmika added,” Actually, the whole setup and arrangements were taken care of by my parents. I told them I don’t mind them doing it in any style but the color theme for the whole event would be my choice. I wanted an Indo-Western theme for my engagement ceremony because I will not have a choice for my wedding which will be performed in a Kannada traditional style.”

Speaking about her wedding date, Rashmika says,” Honestly, we never had a discussion on this. The reason it could be two years from now is because of the work commitments of both of us. And we told each other that till the time we complete the projects in our hand, we will not be able to give time to each other. I would be traveling for my assignments in Tamil and Telugu. So, we thought it would make sense to have it 2 or 3 years later. And also, we didn’t want our directors and producers to feel that we are not giving our 100% because of our personal life.”

Rashmika Mandanna also cleared the air around reports that she has been confirmed as the lead actress for Allu Arjun’s Naa Peru Surya.” Discussions are still happening about the film with Allu Arjun and it’s not confirmed yet. Honestly, I don’t know what to say about this. I’m still waiting for a heads-up from the makers of this film. And also, it doesn’t make any sense talking about a film for which I haven’t yet received any confirmation,” added Rashmika.

We also asked her if she wants to work with any favourite actor in Telugu or Tamil, Rashmika replied in a very interesting way.” (Laughs)… One thing I have learnt is never take names in interviews about anything. I did this once and it was a terrible situation after that. I don’t want that to be repeated again. But yes, there are few actors in Tamil and Telugu that I want to work with. Hopefully, it happens someday,” said Rashmika Mandanna.


    Both look Lovely…Nice…Stay Blessed


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    Both look Lovely…Nice…Stay Blessed!!!


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