Avantika Shetty accuses the makers of Raju Kannada Medium of harassment

Kannada actress Avantika Shetty recently claimed that the makers of Raju Kannada Medium harassed her during the shoot.

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Kannada actress Avantika Shetty recently leveled some serious allegations against the makers of her next movie ‘Raju Kannada Medium’ and claimed that they harassed her during the shoot. Besides this, she claimed that the producer Suresh tried to ruin her reputation and shattered her ‘illusion of a perfect scenario’.

“I recently read an article with fabricated content provided by Mr Suresh. It ruthlessly maligns my name, making all sorts of baseless allegations and projects my character in poor light, a trait which has remained intact and will remain so all my life. The problem started from the very first schedule of the film when I sensed that it wasn’t my performance the producer and the director were really bothered about. I obviously ignored them and remained totally engrossed in giving my best to the character,” she added.

Moreover, Shetty stated that she was unceremoniously kicked out of the film after she asked the makers about a bounced cheque.

“The next thing I know, I was unceremoniously asked to leave back to Mumbai (my city) citing my average performance in the film as a reason which surprisingly came up after I asked them about a bounced cheque. Half of my dues weren’t cleared, a presented cheque bounced and I was certain that the producer will release the film without me dubbing for it and he will get some dubbing artiste to do the job. Luckily for me, having an exclusive right to dub is part of the contract I signed with the producer,” she said.

Interestingly, Shetty has approached the Karnataka High Court and the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce regarding the matter,

In the meanwhile, Suresh has rubbished these allegations and said that Shetty was removed from the project because of her ‘unprofessional’ behaviour. Well, it goes without saying that this is a volatile situation and it will be worth watching how things play out in the days to come.

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