Kannada top actor Upendra to launch a political party amidst poll situation in Karnataka

The top Kannada actor sent an audio clipping to the media confirming that he will soon float a political party.

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Kannada top star Upendra has announced that he will be floating a political party soon and might contest the upcoming elections in Karnataka. Upendra released an audio clipping to the media confirming that the party will be floated soon and has been thinking about this for a long time now. Upendra also stated that his party will be corruption free and will ensure fair governance.

According to a report in the The Indian Express, Upendra said that the country needs representatives who have basic knowledge if not highly qualified. “Our legislators may not need basic education qualification to contest elections. But as representatives of the people at least, they should have the basic knowledge about the problems in their constituencies and an idea as to how to find solutions,” Upendra said.

Upendra also strongly opposed the concept of ‘Party Fund’ and taking money from individuals. “We have to be honest right from the beginning of our efforts to make our dreams in politics come true. We should do away with the concept of ‘party fund’. We don’t need Rajakiya (politics), but Prajakiya (people-centric democracy),” Upendra further added.

Speaking about the political party he would starting soon, Upendra said, “I will start a political party without any ‘party fund’. It’s indeed a challenging task. I won’t be doing grand promotional campaigns like other parties. No big public meetings will be held. You won’t also see big banners or posters of my party. I will run my campaigns with the help of social media, TV channels and news publications.”

Further details about the political party name are expected to be released over the weekend.


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