It was lovely working with Shivanna on Tagaru, says Bhavana

Talking about Tagaru, she does say that it was a lovely experience working with Shiva Rajkumar.

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Actor Bhavana is gearing up for the release of her upcoming Kannada film, Tagaru, which stars Shiva Rajkumar in the lead role. Directed by Suri, Tagaru will have a story that revolves more around the central character played by Shivanna. Actor Bhavana says that she has no qualms in acting in films where she doesn’t have much in it. However, talking about Tagaru, she does say that it was a lovely experience working with Shiva Rajkumar. Speaking about him, Bhavana told TOI in an interview, “I first met him when he had dropped by on the set of Jackie. Back then, I was a newbie and when everyone crowded around him for pictures, etc., I kept my distance, as I did not want to disturb him. But the gentleman that he is, he came to me and struck up a conversation welcoming me into the Kannada film industry. One thing I noticed then is that the Rajkumar household comprises warm and down-to-earth people. When I then got to work with Shivanna on Tagaru, it was lovely. He is very excited when he is on set, and that is quite infectious. There would be days when I would land up on the set in the morning a bit moody. But then watching him move around changes your mood in a jiffy and you aspire to be like him.”

Bhavana plays a dentist in Tagaru and says that she had a great time shooting for it. “I play a dentist, whose life revolves around her little sister, played by Manvitha Harish. She will do anything for her sister. She is also the love interest of Shivanna’s character. I shot for my character for nearly 18 days and 90% of my scenes were with Shivanna and Manvitha,” Bhavana further added.

Bhavana got married recently to Kannada producer Naveen and the actor says that life hasn’t changed much post wedding. “It’s no different. I have known Naveen and his family for more than six years and have even stayed with them earlier. But I must admit that I am feeling a lot more relaxed. When you look at my career, after the initial years, during which I used to shuttle from set to set non-stop, there has been a conscious effort to drastically slow down since 2010-2011. From then, I have done at the most two films a year,” she added further.

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