Meghana Raj is playing a baddie in her next?

The actress will play the role of a gangster in her next film which is titled Jinda.

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Meghana Raj will play the role of a gangster in Jinda

Actress Meghana Raj is all set for the release of her two upcoming films titled Jinda and Noorondu Nenapu, which are releasing this Friday. Meghana Raj plays a doctor in Noorondu Nenapu and in Jinda the actress plays a role which she hasn’t tried in her career before. With tons of negative shades to it, Meghana Raj plays a gangster in Jinda which will be the first time in her career.

Speaking to a leading tabloid, Meghana says,” It is raw, realistic and uncensored, as I would like to call it. I got hooked to the story when it was narrated by Musanje Mahesh, the director.  When I heard that the movie is based on a real incident, I became more interested. Though I can’t reveal anything about my role, when I heard the story, I thought, ‘did this girl actually do that?’.”

Meghana Raj has mostly played girl-next-door roles and hasn’t taken much risk in her career. The actress says,” Throughout my career, I have always played it safe with the kind of roles I’ve taken up. And then Jinda happened. What is the use of playing similar characters? In fact, my role in Jinda was tough because I couldn’t relate to it in any way. But it was the only thriller that interested me, and I hope it will generate the same kind of response from the audiences.”

With Jinda, Meghana Raj hopes that her experiment turns out be successful one.

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