‘Mufti’ starring Shiva Rajkumar and Sri Muralii strikes gold at box office in first week

Produced by Jayanna and Bhogendra, ‘Mufti’ is directed by Narthan and will be the first time that the actors Shiva Rajkumar and Sri Muralli will be collaborating.

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Kannada superstar Shiva Rajkumar just had a release – Mufti – which is an action thriller and has been grabbing attention from all over. Also starring Sri Muralli in the other lead role, Mufti had a great first day response with good positive feedback from viewers and critics as well. And according to latest box office reports, Mufti has struck gold at the box office. According to latest BO reports, Mufti has collected INR 15 crores in the first week run, which is the highest for any Kannada film in the last six months. Sandalwood has been going through a lean phase and Mufti might just be the film the industry has been long waiting for. Shows for this action thriller have increased as each day passed since its release and has been wining hearts all across Karnataka. Trade experts are predicting that the numbers will only go up from now with such good numbers. Mufti was released in more than 250 screens across the state of Karnataka, biggest ever release for a Shiva Rajkumar film.

Mufti’ has Shivanna and Sri Muralli playing lead roles and is said to be an action entertainer. Produced by Jayanna and Bhogendra, ‘Mufti’ is directed by Narthan and will be the first time that the actors Shiva Rajkumar and Sri Muralli will be collaborating. Mufti also stars Shanvi Srivastava in an important role besides Shivanna and Sri Muralii.

Speaking about lead actor Shiva Rajkumar, ‘Mufti’ director Narthan had recently said, “Shivanna is a director’s actor. He totally submits to the director’s vision. He used to sit with the crew all day, going to his vanity van only during breaks. This shows his humble nature and respect towards art and artistes. He is a real superstar and I am really blessed to have had the chance of working with him for my debut movie.”

Speaking about the film, director Narthan says hat few real life incidents inspired him to come up with that story. “A couple of characters and situations in real-life prompted it, which can be understood if one sees the film. I have never wanted to finish a film just because I’ve an opportunity and get that director tag. I waited it out, and ensured that I got the right script till I was satisfied when I had the opportunity rather than make a rushed effort. What I can assure is that this film is going to be something different and possibly new for Kannada cinema. The concept of how a cop and a don can emotionally get connected was what excited me when I was writing this film. We usually see a cop hit a don or vice versa, but this film explores the relationship when they are emotionally blended,” Narthan had recently said.

Speaking about having two big actors as the lead, Narthan had said, “I initially wondered if that would be a challenge, but they were very encouraging and cooperative. Both of them supported me without taking in the fact that I am a debutant director. The film may have stars, but they blend into the script rather than overpower it. The stars, the script and the technicians all blend together and that has what has made Mufti what it is.”

Speaking about Sri Muralii, with who Narthan has worked previously, the director says, “I’ve known Sriimurali for a long time, we’ve worked together in his previous two projects. When he came with the offer for me to direct a film, I was excited, but I also explained how I’d need time, which may be a few years, to get the right story and cannot begin work immediately. What was amazing was how Sriimurali assured me he would wait till I had my complete script.”

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