Multiplex in Bengaluru goofs up with Baahubali 2 screening

The management realized this after half the movie was done.

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Sathyaraj as Kattappa

Today was the day for which millions of people waited. Chaotic situations were bound to happen when a film of Baahubali’s stature was going to be released. Milk baths of actor’s posters, fan mobs at cinema halls, skipping classes in college and half day leaves at work were few of the incidents that are bound to happen for another week or so. Screening of the film started as early as 6 AM in many cities in South India with the governments of both the Telugu states allowing six shows of Baahubali 2 to be screened.

But what happened in a multiplex in Bengaluru was beyond anyone’s imagination. The popular multiplex in Arena Mall in Bengaluru played the second half of the film first and then the first half after the interval. Viewers in the hall were in a state of confusion when they could not connect what was happening and for obvious reason. A fan said, “I thought that if the first half had such a huge war episode, the second half would be mind-blowing.” He realised only later that someone had decided to tweak Rajamouli’s screenplay a bit.

When media got to know about the goof-up and tried contacting the multiplex, they denied anything of that sort happening.

Director S S Rajamouli worked for five long years on Baahubali to make it a masterpiece only for this multiplex to change the magnanimity of the film.

Baahubali released in more than 9000 screens in India alone and shows started in South Indian cities as early as 6 AM.

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