Pooja Gandhi: Always looked up to heroines like Nandita Das, Vidya Balan and Ayesha Darkar

Pooja Gandhi says that she is now looking to do roles which have more substance and are female-oriented.

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Kannada actor Pooja Gandhi is gearing up for her upcoming release Dandupalya 3 and the actress is all kicked up about it. Pooja is the only actor from the cast of Dandupalya who has appeared in all parts of the crime-thriller film which is one of the most controversial yet successful crime films in South Indian cinema. Pooja Gandhi says that she is now looking to do roles which have more substance and are female-oriented. Speaking about the experience of being part of the Dandupalya series, Pooja says that she takes back a lot of memories. “I have grown as an actor. In my 15 years in the industry, I can say that I take home a lot of memories from these three films,” Pooja Gandhi told New Indian Express.

Pooja further says that it is become a bit tough to do accept roles after having been part of Dandupalya. “I have been approached with varied roles and stories, but nothing is exciting. Probably as a female actor, I have also started looking at how powerful and strong my character is in a film. This is mainly because of Lakshmi’s role, in the Dandupalya series. It’s female-centric and a strong role,” the actor added further.

A while ago, there were reports that Pooja would soon quit films and reacting to these, the actor says that it is her decision and not answerable to anyone. “I am not answerable to anybody as it’s my choice and my life. I am the decision maker, when it comes to my career and I will decide what I want to do. I have a desire to produce, direct and have already written a script for a short film too. I have big dreams and I am unstoppable,” says Pooja Gandhi.

Speaking about the perception that films like Dandupalya spread crime and violence, Pooja says that there are many other media too which have content like this. “Not a single day goes by without a crime story in the papers. So, why blame only films. Dandupalya is a film on crime, and it is also a movie with a message – Be aware, there is a criminal next to you, be alert. It is up to you and what you choose to take from an entertainer,” she added further.

Source: New Indian Express

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