Producer of multiple Kannada films goes missing

Apparently, the producer sent out messages to unit members that he will be not reachable for a few days.

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First Look of Ira

First Look of Ira

It’s a tough job to be present on the sets and at the same time manage all the financial transactions required for the film. And more so if you are bankrolling multiple films. But one wouldn’t really run away from them, would they? Now, seems like something similar has happened in the Kannada Film Industry.

A debutant production house, Harsha Entertainment Pvt Ltd, recently announced that they would be producing 10 films this year and will be releasing them over a period. However, the producer Harsha Khasnis is reportedly missing and is untraceable. The executive producer and members of the crew have been trying to locate him but all efforts seem to have gone in vain. Rumours are spreading like wildfire that this could be a multi-crore scam and be producing 10 films at once should have ringed the bells.

Reports are that Harsha sent out messages to unit members that he will be not reachable for a few days. Director Pavan Wadeyar, who is part of few films that are produced by Harsha, said that he received a message too regarding this. “Harsha sent me a message that his mother is unwell and that he would revert in a few days. Since Ira has to be submitted for censor certification, I asked him to send across his identity proof documents. He again responded that he would revert later. Since then, his cell phone has been switched off,” a leading daily quoted him.

The films are titled Ira, MTV Subbalaxmi, Shaadi Bhagya, Dandayatre, Preethi Praptirastu, Utsava, Second Bucket Balcony and Premadalli, and two are yet to be titled.

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