Rakshit Shetty set to star in Kirik Party 2

Kirik Party 2 will be set in a college campus and is slated to go on the floors in 2019.

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Rakshit Shetty set to star in Kirik Party 2

Rakshit and Rashmika in Kirik Party

In 2016, the much-loved Rakhit Shetty added a new dimension to his career when he delivered an enjoyable performance in ‘Kirik Party’ and gave strong proof of his abilities as an actor. Directed by filmmaker Rishabh Shetty, the film was a romantic-comedy and also featured the lovely Rashmika Mandanna in the lead. Upon release, it received rave reviews and proved to be a big winner at the box office. Talking about it, he had said that his character was basically a combination of his personality and that of a friend.

“Karna (his character in the film) is what I was like in college. He is actually a combination of mine and my best friends’ characteristics. I was a naughty guy back then and have changed a lot since; I became serious after moving to Bengaluru,” he had told a leading daily.

Now, it seems that Rakshit is set to visit the world of ‘Kirik Party’ again. According to the latest reports, the young actor will feature in ‘Kirik Party 2’ which will be a sequel to 2016 film. ‘Kirik Party 2’ will not be a continuation of the first part. On the contrary, it will revolve around new characters. However, just like the first part, it will have campus setting. Rishabh Shetty will be wielding the mic for ‘Kirik Party 2’.

On a related note, this is a busy time for Rakshit. He is currently working on ‘Avane Srimannarayana’. Set in the 1980’s, it revolves around how a dishonest cop makes life a living hell for those living in Amaravathi. Besides Rakshit, ‘Avane Srimannarayana’ also has Shanvi Srivastava and Achyuth Kumar in the lead. It is being made against a budget of Rs 30 crore and is a Sachin directorial.

So, are you excited about ‘Kirik Party 2’? Will Rakshit be able to work his magic again? Comments, please!

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