Ranya Rao looks for revival with Pataki after a short break

The actress is coming back with her second film alongside Pataki with Ganesh.

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Ranya Rao

Getting an opportunity to work alongside a mighty star in your first picture is just the right start to their career anyone can would be looking for. And actress Ranya Rao was one of those lucky artists to get such an opportunity. The actress starred in Maanikya with Kiccha Sudeep and post the release Ranya received a storm of offers. But the actress did not accept them all. Instead she chose to take a break to nurture her acting skills. Yes, That’s right!

Speaking to a leading daily Ranya Rao Said, “A lot of things happened post Maanikya. In Tamil film Wagah, my role was appreciated, and now I have my second film Pataki set for release. I do not call it a comeback film, as I was busy preparing myself. When I started working for Maanikya, I was still in my 12th standard, and I knew nothing about films, and how the industry works. Once, I saw myself on the bigger screen, and people expressed satisfaction, I knew I had to learn the art with seriousness and equip myself for future projects.

The lanky actress says that she was interested in creative field since childhood and took part in lot of extracurricular activities. “I would take part in school plays, sports, and other events apart from studies. This is when my heart started following films, and I expressed it to my parents who were sceptical in the beginning, as they were apprehensive about me making a career out of acting. While I was told to complete my studies, it was crucial. I could not wait for long and eventually convinced my parents,” says Ranya.

Ranya Rao

The actress also adds that after Maanikya she received a feedback that she was too thin and needs to gain some weight to look good onscreen. “Once I chose my career, I became aware of what my career needed. So, I started working on my physical fitness, made a few changes in nutition, diet and did exercises religiously. My image consultant insisted that I needed to persevere and all will fall into place. Actually, I just lost two kilos and I worked on toning my body,Ranya added.

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