‘Siliconne City’ star Suraj Gowda reveals why box office numbers matter to him

Siliconne City’ star Suraj Gowda reveals why box office numbers are important to him

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Suraj will soon be seen in 'Siliconne City'.

During a recent interaction with a leading daily, Suraj Gowda—who is currently awaiting the release of ‘Siliconn City’—opened up about his career plans and said that he considers box office figures to be pretty important.

“Frankly, when it comes to South Indian movies, those that are high on action are the ones that make it big at the box office; few movies that run on romance do extremely well. Numbers matter to me. I did not come here to be an actor — there are a lot of actors in this industry, but I came here to be a star. And you become a star by having good box-office collections. I won’t be able to get that being a chocolate boy, doing non-prominent roles,” he added.

Moreover, he revealed that ‘Siliconne City’ revolves around how the life of a 19-year-old student undergoes a change when he begins interacting with kids from rich family.

“I play Karthik, a 19-year-old college boy. In lower middle-class families, a lot of emphasis is placed on education. So, families take loans and do whatever it is to ensure that their kids get into good colleges. My character comes from such a family and when he goes to college, he finds himself among rich kids, and gets influenced by their lifestyle. He wants to own good things like they do, such as cars and fancy mobile phones. In his quest to do so, he picks the wrong path,” Sural said.

In case you did not know, ‘Siliconne City’ is touted to be an action film and has been directed by Murali Garuppa. A remake of the Tamil film ‘Metro’. it will hit screens this week.

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