Upendra on the Padmavati controversy: If we wreck our system, what will our society become?

Upendra also spoke about his tryst with controversy and said that he’s never been afraid of backlash.

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Upendra on the Padmavati controversy: If we wreck our system, what will our society become?


Actress Deepika Padukone’s ‘Padmavati’ has been in the news of late for all the wrong reasons. To begin with, several political leaders and several groups have condemned it for ‘distorting’ history. Moreover, the lovely lady too has received several threats from being associated with the film. Now, in the midst of all these controversies, Kannada star Upendra has weighed in on the issue. During a recent chat with a leading daily, the ‘Real Star’ said that no one should take the law into his own hands as it only makes the situation worse.

“We have a system. If we wreck it, what will our society become? There are certain rules to follow and we also have a Censor Board. I’m not saying don’t protest against something you don’t like. You can protest (peacefully), call the director and speak with him,” added Upendra.

Interestingly, Upendra’s films too have previously run into trouble with various groups because of their themes. The 2000 release ‘H20’—which dealt with the Cauvery dispute—is a case in point. Talking about his tryst with controversy, he said that had he been afraid of controversy he would have never made his films.

“Even back then, had I been worried about running into problems, I’d have never made certain films. I did what I felt like doing. You may even think that was because of my ignorance. I do what I feel is right. But, when you do films on social issues or historical ones, you may face some problems. When I did H2O it happened to me too,” added Upendra.

Well, these are some strong words and prove that his one outspoken person. So, do you agree with  Upendra’s views on the ‘Padmavati’ issue? Comments, please!


    When so many in Bollywood are afraid to speak up, glad that Uppi is making sense.


    Deepika deputed debuted with him . THe film was called aishwarya. Complete non actor in that movie I must say


    Mr Upendra I think is Deepika’s first co star of her first film. I never heard or read in any interview of hers about this movie at all. She only speaks of her Hindi movies.

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