Watch: Mashup video of this Kannada singer in Ed Sheeran style will leave you speechless

This video of Singer Sushma Anil singing hit Kannada songs in Ed Sheeran style will win your heart.

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Watch: Mashup video of this Kannada singer in Ed Sheeran style will leave you speechless

Technology has advanced to a stage where aspiring artists are able to display their skills and abilities, and be in the limelight. Dubsmash videos, short films, web series and many more other forms of entertainment are becoming popular by the day and bringing great talent to the forefront.

The most happening thing these days and for a while now are dubsmash videos by many who record videos acting on the dialogues or songs of their favourite stars. There have been many videos doing rounds these days but this one particular video has caught the attention of many netizens.

A mashup of many hit Kannada songs with the rhythm of Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You, this video is going viral for all the right reasons. Sung by Singer Sushma Anil, the mashup has combination of 16 songs put together and has gone viral in the last few days.

Below is the list of songs the singer has covered in this mashup video:

Modala Maleyanthe Ilide Edege Mellane

Neenendare Nannolage Eno ondu sanchalana

Cheluvatha Chennigane Nalidadu Ba

Bharatha Bhushira Mandira Sundari

Gombeyatavayya Idu Gombeyatavayya

Naguva Nayana Madhura Mauna

Tam Nam Tam Nam Nannee Manasu Midiyuthide

Ee Sanje Yaakagide Neenillade

Vasantha Kala Bandaga Maavu Chigurale Beku

Baara Sanihake Baara….

Belageddu Yara Mukhava Naanu Nodide

Thara Thara Hidiside Manasige Neenu

Eno Eno Aagide, Nanage Gotthe Aagade

Gombe Heluthaite Matthe Heluthaite Neene Raajakumara

Swathi Muthina Malehanige Mella Mellane Dharegiliye

Ee Bandhana Januma Janumada Anubandhana

Surely, there is no dearth for talent in India.


    wonderful.. loves it


    Really awesome



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