EXCLUSIVE! Isha Talwar: I really admire Prithviraj’s love for cinema

In an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla (South), Isha Talwar talks about Ranam, Prithviraj and more.

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EXCLUSIVE! Isha Talwar: I really admire Prithviraj’s love for cinema

Isha Talwar

The lovely Isha Talwar is arguably one of the most talented fast-rising young stars Malayalam cinema. And, of late, she has been in the news because of her big release Ranam. The film is a thriller and sees her act opposite Mollywood star Prithviraj.  In this exclusive interview with Pinkvilla(South), Isha talks about her role in Ranam and her rapport with Prithvi. She also gets candid about her personal and professional goals.

What encouraged you to take up Ranam? Please tell us about your role in it.

I took up Ranam for one sole reason and that was Prithviraj. I really wanted to be in a film with him and it is as simple as that. As far as the role is concerned, I play the mother of a 16-year-old. And, a lot of actresses apparently turned it down. I was not paranoid about playing the role of young kid’s mother. I have played many cameos in Malayalam and one does tend to reach a saturation point. That way, Ranam really helped me calm down.

How was the experience of playing a mother onscreen?

I have seen my eight-year-old niece grow up in front of eyes. She was born in front of me. I have had my share of changing diapers and telling kids what to do. I have experienced the excitement of seeing a kid grow up and that really helped me and gave me some perspective while working on Ranam.

What is the one thing you admire a lot about Prithviraj?

The one big thing I like for him is his love for cinema. And, this is something that I realised after working with him.

Isha and Prithvi

What is the single biggest thing you have learnt during your time in the industry?

I have learnt to keep calm and continue doing your work. One really has to stay focused and not lose his/her way. And, that is only going to be possible if one has a lot of patience.

Do you have any dream roles?

I have always wanted to do something similar to what Shobhana maam did in Manichitrathazhu as I am a dancer. It is something that I really like a lot.

As a dancer, do you feel that contemporary cinema does justice to dance as an art form?

At one point, we could not even imagine our films without singing and dance. However, now we have come to a point where we can imagine a film without dance. That said and done, if dance is used effectively it still works. The best dance songs are those that take the story forward. Malayalam has little of song and dance now but Tamil and Telugu have plenty of it. Bollywood is for some reason remixing old songs which is bizarre. It is a convenient but not creative or innovative.

What is one professional goal that that you would like to fulfill this year?

I would love to learn Malayalam so that I can do more Mollywood films. I am already working on it and hope to fulfill that goal soon.

Source: Pinkvilla

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