Parvathy faces cyber hate again as video from her ‘My Story’ receives a record number of dislikes

It seems that Mammootty’s fans are still upset with Parvathy for criticising his Kasaba.

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Parvathy faces cyber hate again as video from her 'My Story' receives a record number of dislikes


Sometime ago, actress Parvathy had made a few hard-hitting statements about Mammootty starrer ‘Kasaba’ and ruffled quite a few feathers. Speaking at an event, she had lashed out at the film and said that it featured several sexist dialogues which were totally unacceptable.

“I had watched a film recently, to my bad luck. With all respect to the makers, the film disappointed me, as it featured a great actor spitting totally misogynistic dialogues. A lot of people feel cinema reflects life and society, so when a superstar mouths such a dialogue, people might think its sexy and cool,” she had added.

As expected, her remarks did not go down well with Mammootty’s fans and they lashed out at her in the most insulting way possible. To make things worse, producer Toby George too insulted the actress and called her an ‘aunty’.

“I will have a screening of ‘Kasaba’ for Geethu Aunty and Parvathy aunty as birthday gifts if they tell me their birthdays to me,” he wrote on FB.

Similarly, Santhosh Pandit too commented on the issue and asked women to make clean films themselves and not criticise the work of other stars.

“Either women should learn about the technical aspects of movie making even if they quit acting after marriage and make movies which are 100% decent, without actually being concerned about business or marketing. or should vow that they wouldn’t act in those movies which portray women in obscene ways (like shower scene, exposing, sex scenes, smoking and drinking, smooches or embraces etc). If all the women in India make such a decision regarding this then everything will be sorted out,” he added.

In the days that followed, Parvathy started receiving rape threats and was ultimately forced to register a complaint against those who were harassing her. Talking about the complaint, a cop had said that she provided links posts in which she was being abused.

“We received the complaint on Sunday. She (Parvathy) has given us a bunch of URLs of social media posts in which people have tried to harass her. Obscene language has been used in these posts. We have asked Twitter and Facebook for more information about these accounts,” the cop had said.

Following the complaint, many assumed that Parvathy would not be harassed/attacked again. However, the reality seems to be a bit different. In a shocking development,  a video highlighting the making of a song from her ‘My Story’ received more than 40,000 dislikes on Youtube. Moreover, a bunch of self-proclaimed Mammootty fans even posted some rude comments directed at her.

This is in a shocking situation and we hope that this stops ASAP.

Interestingly, while Parvathy continues to be the victim of online hate, Mammootty has already distanced himself from the fans in questions. A few days ago, he had said that he has not authorised anyone to speak on his behalf.

“I have not entrusted to reply on my behalf or to react to issues,” he had told a leading website.

On a related note, 2017 was an eventful year for Parvathy on the work front. She made her Bollywood debut with ‘Qarib Qarib Singlle’ and added a new dimension to her career. In it, she was paired opposite Irrfan Khan and delivered a strong performance.

She also received the best actress award at IFFI 2017 for her performance in ‘Take Off’. Talking about the achievement, she had said that it was indicative of how the myth of ‘non-stereotypical’ female characters not being accepted has been busted.

“Till Monday, the fact that Take Off reached IFFI was itself a victory, especially for the non-stereotypical characters that are written for women. So the age-old myth about actresses having to be a certain way, in terms of how they look or feel in films has been changed. Here Sameera’s only goal is to deal with issues in her life. She’s least interested in her romance, in that being her dramatic need. This opens up a world of possibilities to the writers we have, who have been told that that won’t work for our audience,” she had told a leading daily.

We sincerely hope that this controversy gets resolved soon and Parvathy continues making an impact with her work.

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