Actor Dileep arrested by police in Malayalam actress assault case

The Kerala police arrested the actor after he was questioned all day long today.

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Malayalam actress assault case: Accused Pulsar Suni was in contact with Dileep’s manager

Actor Dileep has been arrested by the Kerala police in connection with the Malayalam actress abduction case today. The police initiated the arrest after Dileep was called by the police today for questioning in connection with the abduction of Malayalam actress early this year. The case had taken many twists and turns after prime accused Pulsar Suni has indicated that there are many big people from the Malayalam film industry involved in it.

Few days ago, actor Dileep and his friend actor/director Nadirshah had filed a complaint with the Kerala police saying they have been threatened by the accused Pulsar Suni to give him a huge amount of money else he would be named as the mastermind in the case. Dileep provided all the call details to the police regarding the case and the police has started investigation regarding the threatening.

Court sends actor Dileep to judicial remand for 14 days

The police then called in Dileep and Nadirshah for a second round of questioning in connection with the case since they found contrasting statement between the two.

Pulsar Suni, the prime accused, had also said while being taken to the court few days ago that a lot of big sharks will be arrested after he speaks out. Now recent reports reveal that Dileep has been arrested by the police today after a day long questioning in connection with the Malayalam actress assault case.

Reports are also emerging that Pulsar Suni has also mentioned few other big names from the Malayalam film industry who are behind the kidnap and assault of the actress.


    hope dileep gets his punishment for trying to ruin both manju and bhavana’s lives. i dont know how his daughter could stand with him. he must have lied to her just like he lied to the public so pathologically. i wonder how much kavya knew. or maybe she hates bhavana and manju too and wanted to see them suffer too.


    He should be jailed and hope he rots in hell!!! Spoiled Manju’s career and now Bhavana. Thankfully the gals are strong 💪


      Yup…totally agree! The applause should be for the ladies and the police force in this case!


    What a monster. That poor woman. He and the others who carried out his evil plan deserve to be punished.


    i’m shocked!


    WTF!! Hope he gets the maximum sentence possible for doing this to a girl. Arrogant SOB.


    Really Dilip? Too much free time on hand dude? Lock him up.

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