Assaulted Malayalam Actress: No business dealings but had personal problems with Dileep

The Malayalam actress said that she hasn't had any business dealing s with Dileep ever.

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After actor Dileep was arrested by the Kerala police for conspiring the kidnap and assault of the Malayalam actress, reactions from all corners of the world started pouring in about it. Celebrities from the film industry were in a state of shock after the recent developments. The assaulted Malayalam actress however did not respond and give out any statement after Dileep was arrested. But, now the actress has spoken out for the first time after Dileep’s arrest.

Speaking to a leading news channel, the Malayalam actress said that she did not have any business dealings like real estate or financial transactions but it was a personal problem that caused this. “I had No real estate or financial dealings with the accused. We had some personal problems and fell out,” said the actress while speaking to the news channel.

With so much happening and new aspects related to the Malayalam actress coming out, the case has taken many twists and turns. The prime accused, Pulsar Suni, apparently confessed to the police that the Malayalam top star Dileep had contracted him to carry out the kidnap and assault on the actress.

On the night of February 17th, 2017, six people kidnapped the actress while she was on her way back to Kochi from Thrissur after a day’s shooting. The actress was kidnapped and sexually assaulted for more than two hours before being let off by the men. The actress then reported the incident to the director of the film she was working on who in turn reported the incident to police.


    V for Vendetta. D for Dileepetta


    Let the court decide whether he is the culprit or not. Manju herself said Dileep is a good father. No good father can do this. Why the accused is opening her mouth now… she knows if the enforcement get into the financial things she also will be in trouble.


    It’s very wrong of Dileep to stop Manju from working , she was good at her work too . If it’s such a problem y marry an actress ? Then he tried to stop the industry from taking Bhavana in movies . Finally this despicable , heinous action of a shameless man with a teenage daughter !


    So sad that he went to this extent for personal vendetta. Hope he doesn’t get away with it. But I don’t have much faith in Indian courts 🙁

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