‘Big Sharks will be caught’ said Pulsar Suni while being taken to the court

The prime accused Pulsar Suni was being taken to court today from prison while he told this to the media present there.

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'Big Sharks will be caught' said Pulsar Suni while being taken to the court

The kidnap and assault case of Malayalam actress has taken many twists and turns after the recent developments in the case. The prime accused Pulsar Suni had said during interrogation that he was hired by some big shots in the film industry for the kidnap of the Malayalam actress and since then, some top stars’ names have been doing rounds with regards to the name.

One such actor is top star Dileep, whose name has been doing rounds regarding the Malayalam actress’ kidnap case. Apparently, Dileep was threatened and blackmailed by Pulsar Suni to give him a huge sum of money else he would name Dileep as the key conspirator in the kidnap. Dileep, along with his actor friend Nadirshah, filed a complaint with the police and the two actors were also questioned by the police during the course.

Reports suggest that the police have found contradictory versions from Dileep and Nadirshah, and have now decided to call the two actors for a second round of questioning. The actors, as per reports, have now sought legal advice and have approached the high court seeking an anticipatory bail in the case.

While all this was happening, police personnel were taking the accused Pulsar Suni to the court to present him in front of the judge, Pulsar Suni told media that ‘Big Sharks will be caught’ and was later taken away by the police.

This statement from the key accused in the case has led to more speculations on top actors’ involvement in the kidnap and assault of the Malayalam actress.

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