Cases filed against Malayalam filmmaker Jean Paul Lal and Sreenath Bhasi for indecent remarks against actress

Apparently, the Malayalam actress was not paid her remuneration for the recent film and after asking for her payments, she was subjected to lewd comments by the filmmaker.

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Kerala police file case against Jean Paul Lal and Sreenath Bhasi for indecent remarks against actress

A Malayalam actress filed a complaint with the police saying Jean Paul Lal, son of filmmaker Lal, actor Sreeenath Bhasi and two others for making some indecent comments against her. The actress has worked with the filmmaker and actor in Honey Bee 2 which was directed by Jean Paul Lal.

The actress approached the Panangad police and filed a complaint stating Jean Paul Lal and Sreenath Bhasi had made some lewd comments on her. Reports suggest that the actress had not received payments for her work in the film and the actress had gone to a hotel to ask for the payments but the filmmaker and the actor made some indecent comments against her.

The police are investigating the case based on the complaint filed by the actress. Other two members mentioned in the complaint are Anoop and Anirudh who have also worked on the same film along with Jean Paul Lal and Sreenath Bhasi.

According to reports, the incident happened in November 2016 and the police have now registered a complaint for cheating and making sexual remarks against a woman. The police have also recorded the statement of the actress and according to emerging reports, the filmmaker Jean Paul Lal will be questioned by the police soon.

Jean Paul Lal is the son of noted Malayalam filmmaker Lal and has made films like Honey Bee, Honey Bee 2, Hi and I’m Tony. This incident is now making some waves in the Malayalam film industry after the recent Malayalam actress assault case jolted the industry with the arrest of actor Dileep.


    We can see why this is happening. He is the key witness in another actress assault case. now Dileep and team want to pressurize lal to change his statement against them with this case.

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