Actor Parvathy: Casting couch is a reality

Casting couch is an open secret. I don’t understand why it comes as a surprise at all. It is there in many other industries also. Why are we even shocked about it?

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Time and again the world gets to hear different versions of casting couch in the Indian film industry. Few actors say that it does not exist but many say it does. The latest to come out openly and say that it does is actor Parvathy. In an interview on a talk show, the Malayalam actor confessed that she was asked for favors in her struggling days in her industry.

There are people in the industry who ask women to sleep with them in order to get a role. I have been asked. They ask very blatantly as if it is their right. I have said NO. After a point, when you have made a mark in the industry, they won’t ask you,” the ‘Take-Off’ actor said. Recalling her struggling days, Parvathy says that she faced many difficulties in signing her first few films because she refused to give in to the demands of the film makers. When asked if casting couch exists in Malayalam industry, the quirky actress replied, “Of course there is casting couch in the Malayalam industry. I’m sure that you know that and I know a lot of people know that. I don’t understand why it comes as a surprise at all. It is there in many other industries also. It’s a reality, why are we even shocked about it?”.

Actor Parvathy
Actor Parvathy

The actor made a clear statement that she was not trying to create any controversies and has moved on in her career. Parvathy also adds that this ugly truth is known to everyone but no one admits to it openly. “There was a time in the Malayalam industry, it was expected of me. It was asked very openly by senior actors and directors. But, I never worked with those people. The movies I have done are not like that. Maybe that’s the reason why I did not get to do films for a long time. The thing is I didn’t care. I did other movies in Tamil and Kannada. Some people even tried to convince me that this is how the industry works. And I was like in that case, I don’t want to do it. I will go and do something else… do my literature. We (read women) should realize that we have the power to say NO,”.

The actress was bold enough throughout the interview to speak out on a lot of things. She also added, “I haven’t faced casting couch in any other industry, including Tamil, Kannada Hindi but only in Malayalam industry. It was sort of an obligation. See we gave you the break and I was like what break dude? I already did my job and I don’t think I have to do anything more,”.

The gutsy actress has earned her stardom after going through many rough patches and tough days. She is even referred to as Lady-Prithviraj by many in the film industry. Parvathy’s latest release is ‘Take Off’ and the film has been receiving good reviews from critics and audience.

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