Comments from President of Association of Malayalam Movie Artists fires up a fresh controversy

President of AMMA, MP Innocent's comments drew the ire of many women members in the association and from the film industry.

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Association of Malayalam Movie Artists

MP Innocent, President of the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists, called for a press meet this afternoon in Kottayam to speak about few issues prevailing the Malayalam film industry. From Malayalam actress kidnap case to a letter to Dileep, Innocent wanted to clear the air around the cases but instead, his comments backfired and has now irked women.

Speaking to the media contingent about women being harassed in the film industry, Innocent said, “That time has long since gone. If someone were to make a lewd comment against a woman, then immediately she would speak up against it. But, if she is morally incorrect, she may sleep with someone. Otherwise now everything is very clean.”

Innocent’s comments irked the members of ‘Women in Cinema Collective of Mollywood’ which is a welfare association for women artists in Malayalam film industry. The Facebook page of this association posted a long message responding to Innocent’s comments which read – “Most of the aspiring artists who come to this field have been subjected to various types of abuses. That shows the power hierarchy that exists in Mollywood, similar to other industries. In this context, Innocent’s comments seem like an eyewash.”

In times like these where many actors are battling legal situations and abuse cases, AMMA President Innocent seems to have kicked off another controversy which might flare up further.


    Ignorant and uneducated man.


    It sad that people nowadays speaking about things they don’t know what actually happened. This is what happened in abduction case of an innocent actress. People are making loud comments which has nothing to do with the subject

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