Dileep and Nadirshah seek legal advice after police consider a second round of questioning

News has it that Dileep and Nadirshah might be summoned by the police for a second round of questioning.

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Dileep and Nadirshah contemplating legal advice after police consider a second round of questioning

Dileep and Nadirshah

The Aluva Club police station personnel have been working on the Malayalam actress abduction case rigorously for the last couple of weeks after they received complaint from actor Dileep that he was being threatened and blackmailed by the accused Pulsar Suni to cough up huge amount of money oe would be named as the mastermind in the case. The police had also questioned Dileep and Nadirshah in connection with the abduction case of Malayalam actress when they visited the police station to file a complaint.

The grilling session went on for long hours at the Aluva Club police station leading to many speculations. The police team investigating the Malayalam actress assault case are now considering to question Dileep and Nadirshah for the second time after they found few contradicting versions in their statements, according to reports.

Malayalam actress assault case: Accused Pulsar Suni was in contact with Dileep’s manager
Actor Dileep

Reports are now emerging that, on learning about the second round of questioning, Dileep and Nadirshah are now considering to seek legal advice regarding this case. Since they might be summoned by the police any time now for another session of grilling, anticipating this in advance Dileep and Nadirshah have already sought legal advice on this and might soon proceed that way.

Dileep and Nadirshah contemplating legal advice after police consider a second round of questioning
Actor/Director Nadirshah

Earlier, top cop of the Kerala police had said that the case is being investigated from every possible angle and soon few arrests would be made based on the evidences and statements they have. This news comes after the accused, Pulsar Suni, is said to have been in constant touch with Dileep’s manager Appunni for three days even when he was in the prison, according to recent reports


    This is all a stunt from Dileep and team.he was sure his movie was gonna be a flop. They wanted sympathy for Dileep and the plan was that he would go on speaking about his innocence. This would generate audience for his July 4 th release. Never did they plan for the TV interview to sky rocket to such a big news. The team inprovised after that but didn’t see the issue gaining such momentum. The credibility of the cops and the Left government is under question now. They can’t let him off easily as the public is gonna be questioning. And if the issue is taken to CBI or central government, it’s a huge shame for the left party.
    Eager to see what Dileep is gonna do next! He’s one hell of a plotter man!!!

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