Dileep is innocent and Manju Warrier seeking revenge, claims MLA PC George

MLA George added that Manju was trying to punish Dileep for their divorce.

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During a recent chat with a leading magazine, MLA PC George gave actor Dileep the proverbial clean chit in the infamous actress assault case and went on to make some shocking statement about Manju Warrier. Talking on the issue, he said that Dileep is innocent and his ex-wife is trying to get him into trouble, taking revenge for the divorce.

“She is a good actress and I like her acting. But she is hard-hearted. Dileep and Manju had a good life, but now she was not on the right path. Manju didn’t want a divorce, but she left him with no other option. And now, Manju is taking revenge,” he added.

The MLA also said that being a responsible leader, he felt bad about how an ‘innocent man’ like Dileep was forced to spend nearly three months behind bars.

“I am a social worker and I solely work for the welfare of the common people. I feel it’s my responsibility as a leader to stand with the truth. It was sad for me to see how an innocent person like Dileep had to spend 85 days in jail,” said George.

Well, these are strong words and it will be worth watching what happens next. In case you did not know, earlier this year. a noted actress was kidnapped and molested while on her way to Kochi. Dileep was arrested in connection with the case on July 10 and finally came out on bail more than 80 days later. It remains to be seen how the case shapes up in the days to come.


    Dileep is not innocent


      how do you know that? Have you seen him giving the quotation ?

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