Dileep: Manju Warrier and I did not get divorced because of Kavya Madhavan

The actor spoke his heart out about his divorce from Manju and getting married to Kavya

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Dileep and Manju Warrier

Dileep and Manju Warrier

Actor Dileep was married to Manju Warrier and the couple has a daughter named Meenakshi. All was well between Dileep and Manju till 2014 and that’s when things started going haywire. The couple filed for divorce and opted for a private hearing too. Rumours started doing rounds that Dileep was inclined towards Kavya Madhavan and Manju Warrier is not really happy with this fact. The couple were granted a divorce in 2015. A few months later Dileep married Kavya Madhavan and at this juncture, many had taken it for granted that Kavya was the reason for Dileep’s divorce from Manju Warrier.

After staying mum on this, Dileep responded to all this in an interview today. Speaking about his divorce Dileep said, “I have never responded to the question before. We got married in 1998 and were leading a very happy life until almost five years ago. But some unexpected things happened. I have detailed the reasons in the divorce petition.”

The couple has a daughter named Meenakshi and when asked about his daughter Dileep said, “I will remain silent in the matter considering the future of my daughter.”

Dileep with his daughter Meenakshi and second wife Kavya Madhavan
Dileep with his daughter Meenakshi and second wife Kavya Madhavan

The interviewer asked him if Kavya, his second wife, the reason for his divorce, Dileep replied,” In the name of God, I must say Kavya had no role in it. I liked Kavya, but it should not be interpreted as love. I knew Kavya even before we worked together in Chandranudikunna Dikkil in 1998. I was good friends with Manju and I could talk about everything with her. People think Kavya ruined our relationship. But honestly, that’s not the case.” Dileep said that his daughter was feeling very lonely and he could sense it by her behaviour. He couldn’t focus on his work because he was worried about his daughter, and that’s when he was advised by friends and family to remarry. “I had discussed the issue with my mother and later decided to marry Kavya as she was also targeted using my name. When I suggested it to my daughter, she was happy as she knew Kavya well. She can’t be a mother for my daughter. But they are good friends,” said Dileep.

Dileep had not spoken on any of these things earlier but today spoke his heart out. We hope he is a relieved man today!

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