Dileep row: Mohanlal finally breaks his silence on reinstating the actor to AMMA

Now, after days of the controversy, newly appointed president and superstar Mohanlal has finally broken his silence over the issue

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Actor Dileep’s return to Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes (AMMA) is currently a talk of the town. The industry is divided into opinions over the return of actor Dileep. This Sunday, the AMMA under its newly appointed president, superstar Mohanlal decided to bring the actor back to the association. A year after his ouster, he is back and this has not gone well among the Women in Cinema Collective (WCC). Dileep’s return has got a furious reaction from the women of the association. As earlier we reported, four actresses Rima Kallingal, Remya Nambeesan, Geethu Mohandas and the victim of the sexual assault have quit AMMA.

Now, after days of the controversy, newly appointed president and superstar Mohanlal has finally broken his silence over the issue. In a statement, Mohanlal has justified the decision taken by the body. He says, “We strongly believe that the organisation AMMA has existed all this while, having realised the true essence of the word. I’m writing this note with immense pain, that AMMA has been at the receiving end of unfair criticism through the media.”

“It was a unanimous sentiment that was raised in the general body meeting of AMMA held on June 26, 2018, that action against Dileep be frozen,” says Mohanlal.

Further talking about removing Dileep from the body, Mohanlal says, “The decision to revoke the removal of Dileep was an emotion that had no voice of opposition. The AMMA leadership has only gone by the basic democratic decency to stand with the unanimous opinion of the general body.”

Mohanlal also said the media has used Dileep’s return to the association as a weapon against AMMA. “We had not even officially informed Dileep of the decision. But even before that, the media has used it as a weapon against AMMA. Many people that we respect came with their opposition even before knowing the truth,” he said.

Mohanlal further addressed that how people who did not attend the meeting on June 26 announced their decision of quitting AMMA. He added, “Some people who had not attended the yearly meeting on June 26 later raised their voice of opposition and declared that they are leaving the association. The new leadership is ready to examine the emotion behind this decision.”

He made another strong statement, “We can change the disagreements into agreements. Let those who throw dirt from the outside, continue doing that. We can ignore those who are acting to destroy this association. It is in our own interest that we, the members of the association, should stand together.”

Well, representatives of AMMA step down from the body for reinstating Dileep. What do you think? Will they be able to change disagreements into agreements? Let us know in the comments section below.


    bullshit.. such a big superstar should not stooop such a low level …

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