Dileep’s Ramleela will finally hit screens on this date

Dileep starrer Ramleela will finally hit screens on September 28, 2017.

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Dileep’s Ramleela will finally hit screens on this date

Director Arun Gopy just took to Facebook and confirmed that the delayed ‘Ramleela—which features Dileep in the lead—will finally arrive in theatres on September 28. 2017. He went on to request fans to support his film and make it a hit.

“We are pleased to announce the release of the movie ‘Ramaleela’ on 28 September 2017. We humbly solicit your prayers and support for the success of this project. Thank you Ramaleela,” he added.

In case you did not know, ‘Ramleela’ was originally slated to hit screens on July 7 but got delayed because of some pending work. Thereafter, the makers decided to release it on July 21. However, these plans went up in smoke when Dileep was arrested on July 10 in connection with the Malayalam actress assault case.  Now, that it is finally hitting screens it will be worth watching whether it finds success at the box office.

Interestingly, a few days ago, Arun Gopy had said that regardless of the controversies ‘Ramleela’ will do well at the box office if fans are able to relate to its plot.

“If the movie is good, it will run in theatres. I don’t believe that casting a particular actor alone makes a movie a box office success. In that case, all superstar movies must be hits. I won’t deny that actors are part of the entertainment quotient and to some point also pull in the audience to the theatres, but ultimately a film will succeed only if the movie entertains the audience. If Ramaleela satisfies the audience, irrespective of who stars in it, they will welcome it,” he had added.

On a related note, ‘Ramleela’ is touted to be a political-thriller and features Dileep in the role of a politician. It is expected to be quite different from his other films.

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