Director Arun Gopy responds to calls for boycotting Dileep starrer Ramleela

Arun Gopy said that such campaigns will not take a toll on Ramleela.

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Dileep’s Ramleela will finally hit screens on this date

When Malayalam actor Dileep got arrested on July 10, 2017, in connection with the actress assault case it left his fans in a state of shock and took a toll on his professional standing. He was soon expelled from AMMA as well as his own syndicate FEOUK. And, to make matters worse many members of the film fraternity—right from Liberty Basheer to Vinayan– made some shocking claims about him. Now, more than 50 days later, the controversy surrounding Dileep may create problems for his film ‘Ramleela’, which will ultimately hit screens on September 28, 2017.

Many angry fans have been running a campaign and asking movie buffs to boycott his film. While this situation has ruffled a few feathers, director Arun Gopy feels that it will not affect the commercial prospects of ‘Ramleela’. Speaking to a leading website, he said that such campaigns are futile as everyone is intelligent enough to make his or her own choices.

“I know about the negative campaign against the film. It is nothing but a bunch of individuals excising their right to free speech and expression. We live in an educated society where people can have their own opinions; nobody can counter or attack that. But here, nobody is talking about the positive campaign going on, nobody is listening to the voices who are saying that they will support the film and watch it. When 10 people are asking for a boycott, another 1000 people are saying they will watch it. But nobody is giving importance to that,” he said.

Well, it will be worth watching what happens to ‘Ramleela’ upon release. So, do you think that it will be able to find success at the box office despite these controversies? Comments, please!


    if people support the attacked actress and manju warrier over dileep and his (now well known as previous mistress cum) second wife kavya madhavan then they will stay away from theater where ramleela is running. some people might even protest outside theater like when they protested dileep after arrest. there has been absolutely no promotions for film also. all money made from movie ticket supports dileep directly.

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