‘Kasaba’ producer Joby George calls Parvathy and Geetu Mohandas ‘Aunties’ for their comments on the film

Responding to these comments, producer of ‘Kasaba’, Joby George posted a message on his Facebook page and took a dig at Parvathy and Geetu Mohandas.

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Actress Parvathy was recently speaking at the International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK) and had said that the way women were being portrayed in cinema was fallacious and has to change. Parvathy, referring to Mammootty’s recent film ‘Kasaba’, had said, “I had watched a film recently, to my bad luck. With all respect to the makers, the film disappointed me, as it featured a great actor spitting totally misogynistic dialogues. A lot of people feel cinema reflects life and society, so when a superstar mouths such a dialogue, people might think its sexy and cool.” Post this, the actress faced a lot of online abuse and trolling by few of the fans of the actor and Malayalam cinema. However, the actress responded to these trolls strongly and nothing can glorify the injustice.

Parvathy, during her speech, hadn’t taken the name of the film to which she was referring but filmmaker Geetu Mohandas suggested her to go ahead and name the film which was Mammootty starrer ‘Kasaba’. Responding to these comments, producer of ‘Kasaba’, Joby George posted a message on his Facebook page and took a dig at Parvathy and Geetu Mohandas. “I will have a screening of ‘Kasaba’ for Geethu Aunty and Parvathy aunty as birthday gifts if they tell me their birthdays to me,” wrote Joby on his Facebook page. In what can be termed as a sly dig at the actress and the filmmaker, Joby George is now being slammed by many, majorly women, from the Malayalam film industry for his comments on the ladies.

Malayalam film industry has a separate entity for women, Women in Cinema Collective, which was created this year. The entity is taking steps to ensure women are treated appropriately in the industry, and is also handling cases like the Malayalam actress assault case.

“Cinema can reflect all aspects of the society and all kinds of people. The good, the bad and the ugly. But no! It cannot glorify injustice and violence as “cool” & “mass” entertainment. I rest my case. This was a good day indeed! Thank you for sharing (and hurling) your thoughts!” posted Parvathy TK on Twitter. Parvathy posted this message after few online users hurled comments at her for her statement about Mammootty and his films ‘Kasaba’.

Parvathy, on work front, has a film that will be directed by Anjali Menon which co-stars Nazriya Nazim and Prithviraj Sukumaran. The film is yet to be titled and is slated to be released in Mid-2018. The untitled film will back the trio of Bangalore Days – Anjali Menon, Parvathy and Nazriya Nazim – much to the joy of Malayalam cinema. This film will be a sort of comeback for Nazriya who hasn’t appeared in a film since her wedding with Malayalam actor Fahadh Faasil.

Parvathy also made her debut in Bollywood with ‘Qarib Qarib Singlle’ starring Irrfan Khan and the actress was appreciated for her performance in the film. Parvathy also received the Best Actress Award for her role in ‘Take Off’ at the International Film Festival of India 2017 held in Goa. Also starring, Fahadh Faasil, Asif Ali and Kunchako Boban, ‘Take Off’ was the story about few nurses stranded in Tikrik, Iraq and were held hostage by terrorists. Parvathy played the role of a nurse, Sameera, who was one of the hostages in the story. Speaking to a leading daily about receiving the Best Actress Award, Parvathy says that the film industry is gradually changing it is functioning and penning down stories.

Speaking about what kinds of roles she wants to do and the kinds of films that have come her way, Parvathy had recently said, “I have been fortunate and also I have been patient. It has taken me 11 years now. Four years ago, before a Bangalore Days happened, these opportunities were not there. But I still get the same joy out of my projects. I have never compromised on the quality of my work. Even though I don’t like the term female-oriented, I am now getting films based on stories about women. I don’t understand this idea that some people don’t write women characters because they believe that men can’t empathise with them, and hence it won’t sell. But when women watch movies with male protagonists, we empathise, don’t we? So, we have to de-genderise our films and that’s when more ideas of roles for men, women and transgenders would come.” Parvathy has been working in films for more than a decade now and has been choosy about her role and the scripts.

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    Parvathy is right. No doubt about that. Sad that a so called Superstar has fallen who used to do good quality movies those days. Doing these sort of crap stuff with the so called third rate producers and directors for his survival is pathetic for him and Malayalam industry.


    Remember how trolls made an actress cry and apologize for saying she’d love to act in a movie with Mammootty as her father and Dulquer as love interest? By the way, Mammootty is almost 70. These brain dead fans think they can abuse and bend any woman to their will. I hope Parvathy wont apologize for this. She’s absolutely right. Kasaba is a mediocre work that saw the light of the day only because Renji Panicker’s son directed it. Nepotism at play. Can you imagine any producer even looking at such a poor script let alone fund it?


    Feel bad that Parvathy is receiving this much flak. But again, what can you say? The South film industries appreciate people who speak for misogyny, than against it.


    Truth is bitter! And these men can’t even man up and give a sensible explanation or shut up instead of calling names. It takes a certain amount of courage to be this bold specially when critiquing movies back by big leads like mammotty


    sexist men there


    she is absolutely right.Kasaba movie is horrible


    she is absolutely right.Kasaba movie is horrible.its dialogues are utterly stupid


    By calling them names, this woman is just proving Parvathy’s point!


    so she proved she is right….look at the thinking of producer uncle..:-)

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