After the Malayalam actress assault case, actor Dileep is now being linked to death of Kalabhavan Mani

Fresh allegations are being leveled against Dileep after being arrested in connection with the Malayalam actress assault case.

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Actor Dileep, who is now arrested and jailed at a sub-jail in Aluva, seems to be in another trouble now. Dileep is now being linked to the death case of actor Kalabhavan Mani who died last year. There are fresh allegations being levelled against actor Dileep saying that he was involved in Kalabhavan Mani’s death. Malayalam director Baiju Kottarakkara and Kalabhavan Mani’s brother RLV Ramakrishnan claim that Dileep was involved in the killing of the late actor.

According to a report in a leading daily, director Baiju Kottarakkara said that he had received a call from a woman from Kozhikode and she told him that Dileep was behind the killing of Mani. The report says that Dileep and Kalabhavan Mani were involved in land dealing and during one of the dealings, things went sour between the two.

Director Baiju Kottarakkara has recorded the call completely and submitted it to the CBI who is investigating the case now. Kalabhavan Mani’s brother, RLV Ramakrishnan, had staged a 3-day protest when Mani passed away. During the protest, RLV Ramakrishnan had said, “The scientific reports have come that two different poisonous substances were there in his body, but even as a year has passed since the probe began, the police are not able to crack the case.

With fresh trouble brewing, seems like Dileep will have to deal with a lot more besides the Malayalam actress assault case. Dileep had applied for a bail which was quashed by the court and gave the police a 2-day custody.


    All crimes in the fraternity is by him… wow… mallus just look for a reason to blame.




    With how bold he acted, it seems like he most likely had committed more crimes


    It appears he wants to be like salman Khan who has been in controversies and brawl ….however dileep is a coward (attacking from behind)with 0 personality and salman Khan is a handsome fearless pathan


    I agree to the fact that the TRUTH will remain young and has age of 16 years and will be revealed after a long time but by that time the earmarked beneficiary either may be very old or must have left the world. Justice delayed is justice denied.


    As Jesus said “nothing will remain hidden that will not be revealed “.Every crime will come to light in due course of time.

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