Malayalam actress assault case: Kavya Madhavan’s brother responds to reports of Pulsar Suni attending his wedding

In his Facebook post, Kavya Madhavan’s brother has claimed that he doesn’t even know anyone named Pulsar Suni.

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Malayalam actress assault case: Kavya Madhavan’s brother responds to reports of Pulsar Suni attending his wedding.

Actress Kavya Madhavan recently found herself under a cloud when reports of Pulsar Suni—the main accused in the Malayalam actress assault case— attending her brother’s marriage began doing the rounds. Now, her brother has reacted to these reports and made it clear that they are baseless. In his hard-hitting Facebook post, he said that he does not know Pulsar Suni at all and hence there is question of being invited to the wedding. Besides this, he also stressed that his family is going through a difficult time because of such ‘baseless allegations’.

“As you may have guessed, we did not celebrate Onam this year as our whole family has been going through the hardest days of our lives. This is mainly because of baseless allegations made against my family ; spread by an infamous culprit – ‘Pulsar Suni’

Surprisingly, over the past few days there have been reports that

  1. This person ‘Pulsar Suni’ attended my wedding and
  2. That photographs/ videos of my wedding proves this
  3. That I have admitted this.

All these claims are false!

My family and me,do not have any personal acquaintance with this person. He was not invited for the function or any other functions organised by us. To verify these allegations, Photos or videos have not been collected by either the police or investigation team,” he wrote in his post.

Well, this is quite a strong post and proves that Kavya’s brother is firmly behind her in what are difficult times for her.

In case you did not know, Kavya’s husband and Malayalam star Dileep has been in custody since July 10 in connection with the actress assault case. His troubles began when Pulsar Suni tried reaching out to him from jail. Interestingly, Pulsar Suni has previously also claimed Kavya knows him ‘quite well’.


    Are you baby ??? You never know anything.? Raskkal


    We had a taken a decision not to watch any malayalam movie till Dileep s out of jail.


    Real life is stranger than fiction

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