Malayalam actress Meghna Nair clarifies about her case against filmmaker Jean Paul Lal

Meghna also clarified that she tried to solve all this amicably but never received any response for her calls and messages made to the makers of the film.

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Malayalam actress Meghna Nair clarifies about her case against filmmaker Jean Paul Lal

Filmmaker Jean Paul Lal found himself amidst a controversy few days ago after a Malayalam actress filed a complaint against him and his associates Sreenath Bhasi, Anirudh and Anoop. Reports were doing rounds that the complaint was filed by an actress after the filmmaker and his associates made some lewd comments against her, regarding which the actress has clarified now.

The said Malayalam actress, Meghna Nair, in an interview with a leading daily clarified that the case was filed for using a body double in the film Honey Bee 2 without her permission and not for the rumoured lewd comments made against her, as is being reported in the media. “My only concern is that despite my objection, they have used a body double of mine for a scene. I am against objectifying women and had my reservations about a particular scene where my exposed back and stomach is shown,” said Meghna.

When I refused to do that, they asked me to leave the set and told me that they would call me for another scene which was to be later shot. They never called me and when the movie was released with a different scene from what I was told, I realised they have used a body double,” added Meghna.

Meghna says that this was the reason she had to proceed legally regarding this matter since it was all done without her permission. “I tried to solve this amicably after the movie came out. I tried calling them and messaging them, but they never responded. And if they were willing to then delete all my character scenes after they asked me to leave, why did they go ahead and used many of my scenes, especially the scene that I did not agree too. I did ask for damages, but I need justice for threatening, insulting and cheating. They have not acknowledged the use of the body double still,” said Meghna Nair.

I need to have some control over my work portfolio too, and how I am portrayed, how I am being portrayed in the media too. You cant violate a person’s rights like this. The notice was sent much before the Dileep issue came up. I am not here after publicity. If I wanted publicity, I would have gone to the media myself ages ago. I tried my best to solve it peacefully without dragging anyone down,” Meghna Nair added further.

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