Malayalam actress says will proceed legally against actor Dileep

The actress issued an official statement saying she is considering to proceed legally against actor Dileep for his comments on her.

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Malayalam actress says will proceed legally against actor Dileep

Few months ago, a top Malayalam actress was abducted by few unknown persons and assaulted in her car when she was traveling back from the shooting of her film. The incident caught the attention of the whole nation and many prominent personalities stood in support of the actress. The police registered a case and had arrested the accused, out of which one Pulsar Sunil was a friend of the actress.

The case is back in the news again but for not so right reasons. The actress, who stayed away from speaking on this case, has opened up finally and responded to it. The actress said that she is contemplating a legal action against actor Dileep for his comments against her and the incident.

It’s been brought to my knowledge that an actor has said that the accused in this case – Pulsar Suni and I were friends and that one should be careful while choosing friends. This has pained me. If such baseless allegations are made against me, I am even willing take legal action, if required,” said the actress in an official statement to the media.

The actress also said that she chose not to speak out all these days because she was asked by the police not to speak regarding the case.

A couple of days ago, a recording of a phone call between Dileep and Pulsar Sunil surfaced online and went viral. The recording apparently has Sunil telling Dileep to either pay a huge sum of money else he will be framed in the case too.


    How can Dileep be so irresponsible and make such off the cuff remarks? His acting off screen is turning out to be too dramatic.


    I don’t understand what allegation is being made? It’s not a crime to be friends with someone who turns out to be a bad person

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