Malayalam industry takes a huge blow after actor Dileep gets arrested

Televisions airing films of Dileep have now changed their plans owing to arrest of the actor.

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Police remand report says Dileep bore grudge against the Malayalam actress after she intervened in his ‘affairs’

After actor Dileep got arrested in connection with the assault case of Malayalam actress, the repercussions have had a huge effect on many aspects related to the film industry. With Dileep being part of few films lined up which he has signed up for but yet to start shooting for, the producers are in no man’s land with no clarity on the issue.

Dileep’s upcoming film, Ramleela, was postponed earlier when it was initially slated to be released on July 7th, 2017. Ramleela is Dileep’s big budget film produced by Tomichan Mulakupadam, whose Mohanlal-starrer Pulimurugan became the first Malayalam film to cross the INR 100-crore mark.

Dileeps’ another film, Kammara Sambhavam, has completed about 80% of the shooting and is now left hanging, according to sources. The shooting of Professor Dinkan has just begun and with Dileep now in a legal tangle, those behind this venture too may have to suffer losses.

And it is not just films that are taking a hit, CD shop owners too have been affected by this. “I was at a video shop yesterday and when the owner told me that Dileep’s latest film ‘Georgechettans Poorem’ CDs are available, I felt I should not see it and took another CD instead. The shop owner told me that his several customers now refuse to rent out a Dileep film,” a school teacher, who didn’t want to be named, told a news agency.

Quite a few television channels were slated to air Dileep’s films but now have changed these at the last minute following his arrest. Dileep, who has acted in more than 130 films, was the third most popular superstar in the Malayalam film industry after Mammootty and Mohanlal, but as producer of films he stood at the number one position and also owns a string of multiplexes.



    This man is so vile because an actress ratted him out to his wife that he was having an adulterous affair with another actress. He resorted to having her raped and the most disgusting part had it filmed. Ego, money and power has ruined this man, is he the only successful actor in India ?

    Justice must descend hard on him.

    PV please post.


    Who pays to watch movies with heroes looking like him.. Spare the horror.. The so called heroes.. Urghh


      In Malayalam movies its not about the looks…unlike in Bollywood a lousy actor like Salman Khan & his harem can survive just on his beauty(thanks to their plastic surgeons ) this industry is different..


    Sincerely hope we do not support Dileep again. It’s so evil and vile that can’t even fathom how can someone look at his family after the event..


    What happened? Can anyone comment?


    My fellow malls…lets all unite together and show that we cannot be manipulated by these cheap actors with no morals…esp looking at the Bollywood industry which supports criminals like Salman like he is God. We are better than them…


    What goes around comes around!


      Exactly! Lets hope he does get out due to his power and money.



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