Malayalam star Dileep says that he is ready for narco analysis in actress kidnap case

The actor says that he is being blamed by the media and he is ready to do anything to prove his innocence.

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Malayalam top star Dileep recently posted a message on his social networking page that he is not involved in any way in the case of kidnap of an actress recently. The actor says that he is being blamed by the media and he is ready to prove his innocence.

The actor posted a long message on his Facebook page which read – “I wish to make it very clear that I am in no way involved in any case. For long, a section in the social media, certain online sites besides certain TV channels, have conspired against me and are determined to malign me. All this is being done to take away my fans. This is also happening at a time when my new films are to be released shortly. I am ready to take part in any tests, including narco analysis, brain mapping, to clear myself and not to make someone else an accused.

The actor also said that he was being blackmailed and threatened by one of the accused in the case who is currently in the person. The actor’s close associate Nadirshah said that Dileep‘s name was being taken in the actress’ kidnap case has now been threatened and blackmailed by the people behind the accused if he doesn’t cough up some money. Apparently, Dileep was asked to pay INR 1.5 crores else they would name him as the mastermind behind the kidnap and assault.

Audio recording of this conversation surfaced online recently and has gone viral after the news hit the social media.


    I think they all know who is behind it! No one wants to say it.


      Why don’t you say it then, since you seem to know it?


    How can the media name anyone without proof or evidence? Is it legal ?

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