Mamta Mohandas speaks out about Malayalam actress assault case and Dileep’s arrest

The actress says that the industry image has been damaged because of the Malayalam actress assault case.

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Mamta Mohandas speaks out about Malayalam actress assault case and Dileep’s arrest

Actor Dileep is in troubled waters at the present moment after he was arrested by the police in connection with the Malayalam actress kidnap case. Dileep was arrested on Monday after the police is said to have found enough evidence against the actor in the case. The Malayalam film industry was in state of shock after Dileep’s arrest. While few directors and actors have expressed concern how this has affected the film industry, few were glad that the right move was made by the police.

Actress Mamta Mohandas said that the industry’s reputation has taken a hit by all these developments. Speaking to a leading daily, Mamta Mohandas said, “The incident has besmirched the reputation of film industry. Everybody who is working in the industry is going to be affected by it.”

It’s a shame. The whole case was something that could have been resolved within the four walls of a room. But hatred and ego have messed up everything,” added Mamta. Speaking about Association of Malayalam Movie Artists(AMMA) and Women’s Collective, Mamta Mohandas said, “I support every association. The people who are part of it should have felt a need for it. But I’m not part of any association. I neither for nor against any such initiatives.

Mamta Mohandas has worked with Dileep in films like Passenger, Arike, My Boss and Two Countries which were quite successful ones. These two actors were one of the favourite onscreen pairs amongst Malayalam viewers and were considered to be one of the hit actors.


    Innocent’s shock is stage managed. His reaction is not genuine.

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