Manju Warrier is not the first wife of actor Dileep? Police investigation speculates this angle

Media reports are doing rounds that Dileep's marriage with Manju Warrier might not be his first and was already married to a distant relative.

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Manju Warrier is not the first wife of actor Dileep? Police investigation speculates this angle

After witnessing startling turn of events in the Malayalam actress assault case, here comes another piece of news about actor Dileep which will only add further to all the drama that’s happening around this case. According to a report in TNM, the police investigation is said to have revealed that actor Dileep’s ex-wife Manju Warrier might not be his first wife and he might have been married to another woman before that.

It’s a known thing to many that Dileep was married to Manju Warrier and later got divorced, and got married to another actress Kavya Madhavan. But now, emerging reports are suggesting that Dileep might have been married already to a distant relative of his even before he got married to actress Manju Warrier. Dileep and Manju got married in 1998 despite their families objecting to their wedding. The couple had eloped back then and got married against the wish of their families.

According to media reports, Dileep’s friend, actor Abi, was questioned by the Aluva police and this shocking fact came to light during the grilling session. However, Abi has denied being questioned by the police, according to reports. Abi, however, spoke to a leading news channel and said that even he had heard about his first marriage.

My statement was not taken. There is no basis for that news. I have heard that this person (Referring to Dileep) had married earlier. But I am not a witness to it. I don’t even know where it took place.  I know that he had married some girl he had loved. I don’t know what happened later. Whether they got divorced or separated. This was not a new thing. I have heard that they were in love and someone had taken them to a registrar. Everyone knew this then,” told Abi to the news channel.


    The accused getting married before his official 1st marriage is not a lead to existing case.It is just a fact if proven in his personal life.The only matter to be proved is that if guilty in the present scenario.Such not being effectively happening either way i e guilty or not guilty leaves all news going around just a peep into ones personal life


      It’s like this , if the news of Dileep’s first marriage is true & was valid in a court of law then he can’t marry Manju Warrier unless he was legally divorced from the first wife. This will automatically invalidate the marriage to Kavya Madhavan too & is punishable as bigamy & false marriage in India . It will prove that he’s not a reliable person as far as marriage & women are concerned & will go to any extent to safe guard his carefully cultivated image & reputation .


    Oh Gosh!! Can this get more murkier!! The guy is trash totally. Glad that Manju got herself out.
    But I hope the survivor gets justice and Dileep and convicts are imprisoned for the crime.

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