Manju Warrier slams Kerala Minister MM Mani

The actress' reaction came after Kerala Minister MM Mani made few comments on the women of Pembilai Orumai.

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Manju Warrier

Kerala Minister MM Mani made few comments against the women of Pembilai Orumai saying their activities were anti-social and indecent. The 4000 women group was protesting against Kannan-Devan Hills‘ Plantations for better wages and the minister made those remarks in regard to the protest. Mani’s comments angered a lot of women welfare groups in the state and they slammed him for his comments. The latest to join the group and slam the minister is actress Manju Warrier.

The actress posted a message on her social networking page which read – “A section of men hold the belief that they can say or do anything against women. MM Mani’s statement gives off a foul stench.” Manju said that this perception of men needs to change and the government has to take an action regarding this.

Pembilai Orumai’s fight in Munnar had attracted nation-wide attention. A lot of people had supported their movement. But through the statement, the Minister has insulted all the women who have reclaimed their self-respect and are trying to stand on their own feet,” the actress stated in the message.

Kerala Minister MM Mani

Manju was furious at the minister’s comments and said,”It is surprising that a Minister, who is representing an organisation that has been with the people during all their mass struggles, can make such a statement. The Minister has the responsibility to talk louder to society about the dignity of women. Instead of a mere apology from his part, what society expects is an assurance from Mani that such statements will not be repeated.


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