Manju Warrier told Cops: Dileep’s affair with Kavya Madhavan was the reason for our divorce

Manju also told the cops that she had spoken to her friends about Dileep and Kavya Madhavan’s affair.

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Dileep with Manju Warrier

There can be no denying that this was quite a shocking and devastating year for Malayalam superstar Dileep. On July 10, 2017, he was arrested in connection with the actress assault case much to the shock of his well-wisher. To make matters worse, his bail application got rejected on several occasions and a few prominent members of the Malayalam film fraternity lashed out at him in the most hard-hitting way possible. In fact, director Vinayan even went to the extent of calling him a master manipulator.

“From my personal experience, I know that Dileep is a master manipulator and Mammootty and Mohanlal have just been puppets in his hands. He rose to so much power that behind the scenes, it was him who was controlling Malayalam cinema’s progress,” he had added.

He said also added that Dileep had once threatened to eliminate him from the industry.

“I had created the organisation MACTA and we had warned Dileep when he didn’t act in a movie despite taking advance from the producer. He then challenged me publicly and said he would make sure I don’t continue in my position,” Vinayan had added.

Needless to say, these allegations even took a toll on his professional standing and some groups called for a ban on his ‘Ramleela’. Moreover, there were calls to destroy halls screening the film. Talking about this, director Arun Gopy had said that such negativity did not deserve any attention.

“I know about the negative campaign against the film. It is nothing but a bunch of individuals excising their right to free speech and expression. We live in an educated society where people can have their own opinions; nobody can counter or attack that. But here, nobody is talking about the positive campaign going on, nobody is listening to the voices who are saying that they will support the film and watch it. When 10 people are asking for a boycott, another 1000 people are saying they will watch it. But nobody is giving importance to that, “he had added.

However, ‘Ramleela’ ultimately became a hit upon release and Dileep eventually got bail after spending nearly two months in Jail. Now, Dileep’s personal life is in the limelight once again. According to a leading daily, a few months ago, Dileep’s ex-wife/noted actress Manju Warrier had told the cops that the star’s affair with Kavya Madhavan was the reason their divorce. She had also added that she came to know about it through some messages that were exchanged between the two. Manju had also said that she had shared this information with the survivor as well as Geetu Mohandas and Samyukhta Varma.

Well, this is some shocking information and is likely to ruffle a few feathers. Interestingly, shortly after the actress abduction case rocked M-town in February. AMMA had organised a protest meet and condemned the incident. At the event, Manju had hinted at a possible conspiracy angle behind the incident. However, she did not reveal any names during the event.

In case you did not know, Manju and Dileep got married in 1998 and became the favourite power couple of M-town. A couple of years later, they were blessed with a daughter. In 2015, they divorced and left fans in a state of shock. A few months later, Dileep tied the knot with Kavya Madhavan. Explaining his decision to marry her, he had said that he was initially reluctant to marry again but ultimately got married because of the support he received from his friends.


    dileep is an evil man.


    Hope the truth wins !!


    I truly wish Dileep rot in hell in Jail for doing this to a lady ..


      i second that


        your wish is all our wish


      cant imagine such things are possible in this day and age and by such people


    No amount of troll videos can justify the dialogues spoken by a legendory actor Mamooty in a mainstream movie which has been seen by boys and girls of impressionable ages…at his age 67 years plus and after making soo much of money and doing soo many wonderful projects why does he have to mouth such derogatory and filthy dialogues in a movie and portray it as an achievement…he is a hero and he has a responsibility towards the people and resorting to any shit just to make money is not correct especially at his age and stature.


      what was the dialogue. will not watch the film obviously but want to know what made it filthy

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