Mohanlal: Many might feel my physique is not suitable for an actor

The Complete Actor will shed some weight for one of his upcoming films Odiyan in which he will need to be looking very slim.

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The Complete Actor Mohanlal has been ruling the box office for more than three decades now and has received many awards and accolades in his remarkable career. From a cop to a happy family man, Mohanlal has essayed many distinguished characters. But one aspect that has never seemed to have bothered him nor his fans was his physical appearance. Lalletan has never tried to lose weight or muscle up for any role in his career and has always maintained similar personality throughout. But now, the actor seems to be breaking this rule by shedding some weight for one of his upcoming films Odiyan in which he will need to be looking very slim.

It is of course better for an actor to be fit and on the slimmer side. Many might feel my physique not suitable for an actor. But at the same time, one’s physique depends on a lot of factors like genetics,” Mohanlal was quoted in a report in TOI.

Reports indicate that Odiyan is being made on a huge budget and is said to be a fantasy thriller. In such a lean and never-seen-before look, Mohanlal is set to enthrall his fans with Odiyan. Mohanlal’s makeover in Odiyan has sent his fans into a frenzy and the response to his new lean look is quite overwhelming. Odiyan was a tribal community in the Palakkad-Malabar region and is known for scaring people in order to make their living. Mohanlal plays the role of a tribal member called Manikkan who was the last surviving member of the tribal community Odiyan in Kerala.


    Sir, you are unique as an actor.


    Come on lalettan


    Super superior special. God gifted


    Definitely Mohanlal has not talked to TOI like that. He did tell it in an exclusive interview series given to Kannyaka Fortnightly on his Ruby Jubilee of acting career. TOI has quoted it and have attributed the same too. But you have copied it without noticing the same

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