Odiyan: Mohanlal’s youthful new look is quite impressive

Mohanlal’s transformation into this youthful avatar for Odiyan is bound to leave fans speechless,.

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Mohanlal’s youthful new look is quite impressive

Mohanlal’s youthful new look is quite impressive

The legendary Mohanlal is beyond any doubt one of the most revered and popular names in Malayalam cinema today. During a long and illustrious career, the National award winner has won the love of fans courtesy his evergreen personality, gripping performances, and imprressive range as a performer. Moreover, over the years, he has been a part of several evergreen classics and proved that he is a synonym for success.

Now, there is some good news for his fans. As it so happens, ‘Lalettan’ just took to Twitter and shared his youthful look from Odiyan. Needless to say, the superstar looks fitter and leaner than ever before as he sips some tea. The moustache and the salt-n-pepper look seem to have given way to a clean-shaven one. His transformation is truly remarkable!

In case you did not know, Odiyan is touted to be a supernatural-thriller and has been directed by VA Shrikumar. In it, Mohanlal will be seen essaying the role of a person from the Odiyan community that is an integral part of folk fore. A 25-member team worked on his fitness and helped him get into shape for the film.

“As part of the 25-member team from France, there will be masseurs, ayurvedic experts, dermatologists and hardcore fitness trainers. It’s also the first time such a team is brought in for an actor’s makeover in Malayalam cinema as we want Lalettan to have a refreshed look once the regime is over,” the director had added.

Interestingly, sometime ago, the director had revealed that the film would feature several intense action scenes.

“There will be five action sequences and five songs – all of which are weaved in as part of the narrative. The action scenes will the highlight. Also, there will be a lot of special effects and we would be taking close to six months for the post production,” he had added.

So, did you like Mohanlal’s new look? Comments, please!

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