Oscar Award winning sound designer Resul Pookutty is all set to make his acting debut

Directed by Prasad Prabhakar, the film is said to be titled 'The Story of Sound' and will be made in Malayalam, Telugu and Hindi.

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Oscar Award winning sound designer Resul Pookutty is all set to make his acting debut

Sound designer Resul Pookutty was became a popular name after he won the prestigious Oscar Award for his works in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. Resul, since then, went on to work on many projects which received many awards including National Awards. Resul will not make his acting debut in a film which will be capturing a popular annual festival in Kerala. Surprisingly, Resul had said that his goal was to cover the festival and as luck would have it, Resul will be playing himself in the film which will be the festival. The film is said to be titled ‘The Sound Story’ and will be directed by Prasad Prabhakar. The film will be made in Malayalam, Telugu and Hindi.

Resul will be playing himself, a sound designer, who comes to Thrissur to cover various sounds at the festival. We have used around 16 to 22 cameras and multiple microphones that can capture the festival to the fullest. The festival takes place in a circular ground, so I had stationed eight people around the ground to report the happenings. There were times when we had to carry Resul on our shoulders so he could get what he wanted. The festival sees around 10 lakh people every year, so the movie had to capture the essence. The festival goes on for seven days and there were 150 members working on it. In technical terms, the movie has 164 tracks and two songs composed by Rahul Raj and lyrics are by Vairamuthu,” director Prasad Prabhakar was quoted in a report in TOI.

The director also added that the film can be watched even with closed eyes since it is to do more with sound. “This is a film that you can watch with your eyes closed. A lot of people cannot watch the beauty of the event. So, they don’t come for it. But this film will capture the sounds of the festival and will have a narration, which makes this an experience in itself. That makes it a never-been-attempted-before feat,” Prasad added further.

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