Parvathy about Mammooty’s reaction to Kasaba controversy: He has said what he deemed fit

Parvathy also said that her comments were not directed at Mammootty in any way.

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Parvathy about Mammooty’s reaction to Kasaba controversy: He has said what he deemed fit

Parvathy about Mammooty’s reaction to Kasaba controversy: He has said what he deemed fit

A few days ago, actress Parvathy ruffled quite a few feathers when she criticised Mammootty starrer ‘Kasaba’ and said that it featured several repulsive sexist/misogynist dialogues which were shocking.

“I had watched a film recently, to my bad luck. With all respect to the makers, the film disappointed me, as it featured a great actor spitting totally misogynistic dialogues. A lot of people feel cinema reflects life and society, so when a superstar mouths such a dialogue, people might think its sexy and cool,” she had added.

Needless to say, her words did not go down well with the megastar’s fans and they began insulting her in the worst way possible. Moreover, actor Santosh Pandit too criticised her comments and asked women to make clean films rather than rip apart the work of others.

“Either women should learn about the technical aspects of movie making even if they quit acting after marriage and make movies which are 100% decent, without actually being concerned about business or marketing. or should vow that they wouldn’t act in those movies which portray women in obscene ways (like shower scene, exposing, sex scenes, smoking and drinking, smooches or embraces etc). If all the women in India make such a decision regarding this then everything will be sorted out,” he had added.

Things went from bad to worse for Parvathy, as some so-called fans went to the extent of making death threats. Following this, Mammootrty finally reacted to the controversy and said that he had not authorised anyone to defend him or speak on his behalf.

During a recent chat with a leading daily, she spoke about Feminism and Mammootty’s response to the incident. Talking about the megastar’s statement, she said that he did whatever he deemed fit and added that her comments were not targeted at time in anyway.

“Mr Mammootty has said what he deemed fit. I had nothing but respect for him even when I criticised his film. It was never an attack on him and I’m happy that he understands that. It’s completely up to him how he wants to communicate with his fans and what he wants to say. My focus is still on what I said at the open forum. My energy will always be driven towards that,” she added.

Addressing the problem of misogyny in films, she said that actors should analyse each and every screenplay and discuss any misogyny in films with the writers in question. She further added that removing the glorification of misogyny will not result in loss of creative freedom in anyway whatsoever.

“I wish every actor would read the screenplay, analyse it and discuss it with the writer and director if he has any reservations. The actor must take the effort for that discussion. I can only speak for actors, not for others. Not a single area of creativity will be curbed by weeding out unnecessary glorification of misogyny and violence,” she added.

Interestingly, following her comments on ‘Kasaba’, one can expect fans to scrutinise every film done by her in great detail and also keep an eye on her personal life. However, Parvathy is not worried about such scrutiny. She said that she has nothing to fear as her only aim is to fulfil her promise to the audience.

“Everybody can analyse and pass judgment on me as much as they want. But as long as l do my job right, as long as I’m dedicated, focused and respectful to the people I work with, as long as I fulfil my promise to the audience by doing good work, I don’t see how I’m wronging anyone,” she added.

Well, these are some strong words and prove that Parvathy is one outspoken lady. On the work front, she currently has a film with ‘Bangalore Days’ director Anjali Menon in her kitty.


    People hurling abuses at parvathy are the same who supported Dileep during assault case


    There are several losers and frustrated young minds who abuses public personalities using social media. Some of them are so called fans of superstars and even supported the misdeeds of a popular male actor who tried to settle his anger against an actress though dirty ways. A confident actor like Parvathy is bold enough not to be cowed down by these public abuses and threats.


    High time an online campaign is started outside Kerala to support Parvathy in her plight against the online bullies!!

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