Police remand report says Dileep bore grudge against the Malayalam actress after she intervened in his ‘affairs’

News has it that Dileep wanted to take revenge against the Malayalam actress for revealing his affairs to his ex-wife.

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Police remand report says Dileep bore grudge against the Malayalam actress after she intervened in his ‘affairs’

Following the arrest of actor Dileep in connection with the kidnap case of the Malayalam actress, new aspects related to the case are doing rounds now. News has it that the police remand report says that actor Dileep bore grudge against the Malayalam actress after she leaked about his ‘affairs’ to his ex-wife Manju Warrier.

Reports are doing rounds that the actor held grudge against the Malayalam actress back in 2013 when she revealed his affair with Kavya Madhavan to Manju Warrier, his ex-wifeand wanted to take revenge. The remand report also says that Dileep hatched this plan with Pulsar Suni who Dileep had known for a long time, according to reports.

Dileep is said to have met Pulsar Suni many times between November 2013 and December 2016 regarding this plan, according to reports. Dileep had apparently told Pulsar Suni to shoot close shots of the actress while being assaulted so that people don’t strike them off as morphed ones, as per the emerging reports.

News also has it that Dileep had promised Pulsar Suni an amount of INR 1.5 crores for this job and would pay him after the job was done. But since Dileep turned away from his ‘commitment’, Pulsar Suni turned against Dileep and revealed everything to the police with regards to the Malayalam actress assault case.

The remand report also says, as per reports, that Pulsar Suni had made phone calls from the prison he was jailed at to Dileep’s manager Appunni and actor/director Nadirshah who were unaware of the plan hatched by Dileep.  Apparently, Dileep ignored these calls made by Pulsar Suni to his manager and asked them to ignore as well.

With so many new aspects coming out as days are passing by, the assault case of the Malayalam actress has become the focal point of Kerala.


    those who stand with him now need to take a good look at themselves in the mirror. if you look at what hes charged with you will have a clue to see what he did to that poor girl


    Agree completely. Hope justice is served and this lowlife gets jail.


    what a shameful man…wonder how he would have felt if another top actor did the same to his daughter or wife or mother. It’s disgusting that Kavya is also a part of this. How can a woman help her husband pay someone to get another woman raped? Like seriously…think…even you will have children in the future…you have a sister a mother a stepdaughter too….disgusting these people are!

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