Popular Malayalam top actor threatened and blackmailed in actress kidnap case

Apparently, the actor's close associate has received a phone call from one of the accused in the case.

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Popular Malayalam top actor threatened and blackmailed in the actress kidnap case

Recently, a popular Malayalam actress was kidnapped and assaulted while she was traveling during the making of one of her films. This shook the film fraternity of Indian cinema and many celebrities spoke against the issue and supported the actress. The culprits were arrested after few weeks and the case is being investigated. Few top actors’ names started doing rounds regarding the case during the investigation of the case by the police but no one was booked.

Now, recent reports reveal that the top actor whose name was being taken in the actress’ kidnap case has now been threatened and blackmailed by the people behind the accused if he doesn’t cough up some money. Apparently, this Malayalam actor was asked to pay INR 1.5 crores else they would name him as the mastermind behind the kidnap and assault.

Emerging reports suggest that one of the accused called a close friend of this top Malayalam actor and said that he would cite the actors’ name as the person behind the kidnap unless they paid the said amount. The accused also said that there were many top actors and actresses from the Malayalam industry behind this blackmail, according to reports.

The caller also threatened that he would take the actors’ name as the main person behind the idea of the assault. The actors’ friend recorded the phone conversation and has handed it over to the cops who are now investigating the whole matter, as per recent reports. The actor has asked for a thorough investigation on the case.


    Kerala politics and film industry is messed up


    dileep will act his way out of this too


    this is messed up


    Beginning to think Dileep is responsible, he’s been too defensive.


    Poor Dileep.


    is this for real ? shocking

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