Revealed: Mohanlal’s role in Randamoozham

The film is being made a magnanimous budget of INR 1000 crores.

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We had earlier reported that Mohanlal will be starring in the film which is being made on a book titled Randamoozham written by MT Vasudevan Nair. Recent reports suggest that the film will be titled Mahabharatha and will be directed by Ad filmmaker VA Shrikumar Menon.

Speaking to a leading portal, VA Shrikumar Menon said,” I met MT Vasudevan Nair two years ago and told him I am interested in making Randamoozham into a film. But he said it would require a canvas that was far larger than what regional Indian cinema could offer and that’s why he had never written a screenplay despite a lot of demand. I promised him I would bring in the best technicians by making it a “global” film. He then got to work and he gave me a fully bound script within four months,”.

Revealing more details about the casting the director said,” The film is seen from the point of view of Bheema and his emotional turmoil. Though the film will include cast members from across the world, we were sure that only Mohanlal would be able to play the role of Bheema.


The film will be produced with a humongous budget of INR 1000 crore by BR Shetty who is the chairman of UAE Exchange.  “As he sees it, no one should be able to attempt a film like this again. As it is an immortal epic of India, he said it should be a film that takes Mahabharatha to the world. It should be as popular as Greek Mythology after the film releases,” added Shrikumar.

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