Santhosh Pandit responds to Parvathy and tells women to make films that are decent

This is his response to Parvathy’s comments about misogynistic dialogues in Kasaba.

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Santhosh Pandit

A few days ago, Mollywood actress Parvathy became the centre of an ugly controversy when she lashed out at Mammootty’s ‘Kasaba’ and said that it was a disappointing affair as it featured several misogynistic dialogues.

“I had watched a film recently, to my bad luck. With all respect to the makers, the film disappointed me, as it featured a great actor spitting totally misogynistic dialogues. A lot of people feel cinema reflects life and society, so when a superstar mouths such a dialogue, people might think its sexy and cool,” she had said at an event.

As expected, she received flak for her comments and several fans abused her like never before. However, this did not break her spirit and she summed up the whole situation in one strong situation.

“Cinema can reflect all aspects of the society and all kinds of people. The good, the bad and the ugly. But no! It cannot glorify injustice and violence as “cool” & “mass” entertainment. I rest my case. This was a good day indeed! Thank you for sharing (and hurling) your thoughts!,” she had written on FB.

Now, actor-filmmaker Santhosh Pandit has criticised Parvathy’s remarks in the harshest way; possible. In his strongly-worded post, he wrote that women should learn the technical aspects of filmmaking and make films that are clean and added that the filmmakers put in glam scenes in order to help their films reach a wider audience.

“Either women should learn about the technical aspects of movie making even if they quit acting after marriage and make movies which are 100% decent, without actually being concerned about business or marketing. or should vow that they wouldn’t act in those movies which portray women in obscene ways (like shower scene, exposing, sex scenes, smoking and drinking, smooches or embraces etc). If all the women in India make such a decision regarding this then everything will be sorted out,” he said.

He went on to add that people should view films as a commercial product and not as an art form.

Well, these are strong words and are bound to ruffle a few feathers. It will be worth watching what happens next.

On a related note, Santhosh will next be seen alongside Mammootty in ‘Masterpiece’. As far as Parvathy is concerned, she currently has a film with Anjali Menon in her kitty. In it, she will be seen alongside Prithviraj and Nazriya. She recently made her Bollywood debut with ‘Qarib Qarib Singlle’ and added a new dimension to her career. Also featuring Irrfan Khan in the lead, the movie did well at the box office and received a thumbs up from the fans. Talking about the experience of acting in a Hindi film, she had said that marketing her film was a new experience for her.

“I’m still getting the hang of it. The industry is much bigger here. So the sort of exposure you get is much bigger. You suddenly feel very exposed. Naked, yes. Exactly, naked! There’s a part of me that doesn’t relate to marketing when it’s done. I’m not too at home with that. Because down south, we don’t do too much marketing and we’re not required to,” she had told a website.

Interestingly, Parvathy is very clear about the type of films she wants to do and is not willing to make exceptions. Sometime ago. She had said that she has been offered plenty of female-centric films these days.

“I have been fortunate and also I have been patient. It has taken me 11 years now. Four years ago, before a Bangalore Days happened, these opportunities were not there. But I still get the same joy out of my projects. I have never compromised on the quality of my work. Even though I don’t like the term female-oriented, I am now getting films based on stories about women. I don’t understand this idea that some people don’t write women characters because they believe that men can’t empathise with them, and hence it won’t sell. But when women watch movies with male protagonists, we empathise, don’t we? So, we have to de-genderise our films and that’s when more ideas of roles for men, women and transgenders would come,” she had added.

So, what is your take on this controversy? Comments, please!

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