Supreme court rejects FIR filed against Priya Prakash Varrier: Questions petitioner saying you have no job

Well, finally, Priya Prakash Varrier gets a huge relief as the Supreme Court cancelled a police case against her.

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Supreme court rejects FIR filed against Malayalam actress Priya Prakash Varrier

February 2018 saw the entry of Malayalam young sensation Priya Prakash Varrier who grabbed the attention of the whole world with her wink act. Priya’s act in the song from Malayalam film Oru Adaar Love took social media by storm. Priya earned immense fan following after the wink act but that even landed her into a controversy. Post all the admiration and tremendous following on social media, Priya Prakash Varrier faced some backlash. The actress had been named in the case by complainants, who alleged that the song featuring her had a reference to the wife of Prophet Mohammad. The group alleged that the song hurts sentiments of Muslims.

Well, finally, Priya gets a huge relief as the Supreme Court cancelled a police case against her. According to media reports, the court slammed for filing a case against Priya over a song. “Somebody in a film sings a song and you have no other job but to file a case,” Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra said to the Telangana government. The court has cancelled the information report against Priya as well as against the makers of the film.

Some things never change 🍂

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To uninitiated, Malayalam actress Priya Prakash Varrier became globally famous with just a wink and well, she continues to trend on social media. She has received huge fan following even before her debut film, all thanks to a wink and flash of a smile in the teaser of her debut film Oru Adaar Love.

Coming back to her upcoming debut film, Oru Adaar Love is directed by Omar and co-stars Noorin Shereef and Siyadh Shajahan. The plot of the story revolves around higher secondary students, their lives, love and friendship. The film will be released in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi apart from Malayalam on September 14, 2018


    Had it been about cows, or about Rajputs, or about any other sensitive topic, it wouldn’t have been called “a stupid case”. Since it’s about the feelings of a community which has for long kept quiet despite many stereotypes, and raised its voice for getting hurt over this, it’s going to be ignored. SURE.


      “community which has for long kept quiet”…Really???
      Most of the violent incidents perpetrated around the world in recent years are attributed to the same community..
      Moreover the director who made the decision to use the said song for this scene is also a muslim…Most Kerala muslims have defended him and said they didn’t find it offensive. Why file an FIR against the actress who would had no say in the song choice?
      As for the ‘Rajput’ mention..SLB wasn’t a Rajput..he was making a sensitive movie on members of a community he didn’t belong to. And, despite all the objections of the Rajputs, the movie was released at the court’s order.
      If you stop feeling victimized all the time, you’ll see things as they are.


      “community which has for long kept quiet” -hahaha what a joke. This ‘quiet’ community has thousands of terrorist organizations all over the world, which carry out hundreds of terrorist attacks all over the world. This ‘quiet’ community is so tolerant that it cannot live in peace with the people of any other religion in the world.


    Love this. Nowadays every Tom dick and Harry files a lawsuit against movies because it hurt their religious sentiments. These people who carry their religion on their forehead does not have an ounce of clue as to what’s the real meaning and purpose of religion other than to just harass others and create nuisance in society.


    very good


    May we have more of such Judges and judgements who throw out stupid cases by people who have nothing better to do!


      Completely agree!

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