A timeline of the events in the assault case of Malayalam actress and how Dileep was arrested

The actress was abducted and assaulted by unknown men on the night on February 17, 2017 and let off on a highway later.

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A timeline of the events in the assault case of Malayalam actress and how Dileep was arrested

The Kerala police on Monday arrested top Malayalam actor Dileep in connection with the Malayalam actress kidnap and assault case after having found key evidences in the case. The police officials claim that they have zeroed in on few evidences which are irrefutable and will prove Dileep as the mastermind in the case. Since the incident that happened in February this year, this case has taken many twists after the accused were captured by the police. Let’s take a look at the series of events that have taken place in the Malayalam actress assault case.

On the night of February 17th, 2017, six people kidnapped the actress while she was on her way back to Kochi from Thrissur after a day’s shooting. The actress was kidnapped and sexually assaulted for more than two hours before being let off by the men. The actress then reported the incident to the director of the film she was working on who in turn reported the incident to police.

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The very next day, police registered a complaint and started the investigation after the actress identified the culprits. The statement of the actress was recorded in the presence of a magistrate. Since the actress was kidnapped while she was on the way to Kochi, the main suspect was her driver who was taken into custody immediately.

Malayalam actress assault case: Accused Pulsar Suni was in contact with Dileep’s manager
Actor Dileep

In March 2017, police caught the primes accused Pulsar Suni at the districts court in Kochi. There are two versions to this. Police claim that they had arrested Pulsar Suni aka Sunil Kumar before he reached the court but another version says that Suni was captured at the court when we came to surrender to the court.

In April 2017, rumours started doing rounds that actor Dileep was involved in the kidnapping of the actress and is the mastermind. The actor gave an interview to a leading daily and lashed out at all these rumours about he being involved.

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In May 2017, police indicated that there were many top stars from the Malayalam film industry involved in this assault case of the Malayalam actress and the police is investigating it from all angles. This led to much more speculation that Dileep might be involved in this case and could have had a major role to play in all these. Dileep however claimed innocence and said he is being framed in all this.

With so much heat around this case, in June 2017 reports started doing rounds that Pulsar Suni, the prime accused, had given a statement to the police and confessed who all were involved in the kidnap of the actress, which were not confirmed though. The police maintained during this time that the investigation is still on and nothing is confirmed yet.

Dileep and Nadirshah contemplating legal advice after police consider a second round of questioning
Dileep and Nadirshah

On June 27th 2017, Dileep reported to the police that he has been receiving calls from someone threatening him and blackmailing him. Dileep also said that he is being ask to pay a huge amount of money and was told that he would be named the mastermind if he didn’t pay that amount.

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While this was happening, accused Pulsar Suni’s cell inmate Vishnu told police that he had given a letter to Dileep on behalf of Pulsar Suni which had written clearly about a conspiracy hatched to kidnap and assault the actress. Police, by now, had clear understanding but did not have enough evidence to proceed with the arrest.

On June 29th, police questioned Dileep and his friend Nadirsha in connection with the case which went on for more than 13 hours. Police, however, found contrasting statements from Dileep and Nadrisha, and decided to call both of them for a second round of questioning.

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On the July 6th, prime accused Pulsar Suni had said that ‘big sharks’ will be caught while he was being taken to the court and had a brief interaction with the media.

Court sends actor Dileep to judicial remand for 14 days
Image Courtesy: Asianet News

On 10th of July, police call in Dileep to question about the Malayalam actress abduction case and after long hours of interrogation, police found enough evidence to arrest Dileep in connection with the case.

Dileep is currently kept in a sub jail in Aluva and has been sent to judicial custody for 14 days by the court. Dileep has been claiming innocence and had said this morning after coming out of the magistrate’s house that he has been framed and he will soon be out of all this.


    Can someone brief me why this actor planned to kidnap the actress?


      Actress was best friends with Dileep’s wife…who he was cheating on. The actress told the wife and he got pissed….divorced his wife and threatened to throw the actress out of the industry. The new wife and Dileep then hashed a plan to get the Actress raped for by various men and have it video recorded so that they could intimidate her for the rest of her life. Kudos to her for standing up to this…just wish it could have been prevented…now can only hope he stays imprisoned.


    They are so stupid to do all this. how could they think that they can get away this. Idiots


    Let’s stop idolising movie stars and boycott them


    One good thing is Kerala has united wholeheartedly for the actress . There are protests all around the state condemning Dileep & his current wife . Manju Warrier has applied for her daughter’s custody today , he’s been thrown out of all Malayalam movie unions too.


      Wish bollywood was same…..Salman wouldn’t be walking free today….




    such an evil man. i hope that daughter of his comes to her senses and stops enabling him. there is nothing morally ambiguous about this.


    so he had a woman raped because she stood up against him and his current wife…pathetic.. i hope he rots in prison


    Thank God people in Kerala are not like the ignorant Salman fans! They know where to draw the line.


      so true


      Salman killed people and nobody could put him in his place….

      All bollywood crazy junta……still his big fans

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