Unni Mukundan’s makeover as Karishma in Chanakya Thanthram is jaw-dropping

Draped in a saree, Unni Mukundan looks absolutely unrecognisable in the look and is jaw-dropping.

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Malayalam actor Unni Mukundan shared a picture on his social networking page on Sunday, 18th February 2018, and it was worth dropping everything that was being done and take notice of. Unni Mukundan shared a picture of a character named Karishma from his upcoming film Chanakya Thanthram which is being directed by Kannan Thamarakkulam. One will take time to realise that the character Karishma is being played by Unni Mukundan himself and his transformation his mind-blowing. Draped in a saree, Unni Mukundan looks absolutely recognisable in the look and is jaw-dropping. The picture is going viral now and fans of the actor and Malayalam movie-buffs in general are quite stunned at the transformation of the actor for his new look Karishma. “Here’s My Better Half, Karishma. The journey towards her was pretty damn painful, but Now that I have met her, I admit, the pain was worth it!! Bless Me and Bless Her,” wrote Unni Mukundan on his Facebook page along with the picture he shared.

Unni, a while later, shared a video which gives us a glimpse that went into the making of the character Karishma in his upcoming film Chanakya Tantram. Right from getting his eyebrows shaped properly to getting the whole body waxed, as required, Unni Mukundan has done it all. Unni is seen taking the pain of going through the process yet doesn’t give up mid-way and ensures he gets into the shape of the role. Unni Mukundan is being commended for the efforts he has put in to get the exact look for the film.

Besides Unni Mukunda, Chanakya Tantram will also star Sshivada and Shruthi Ramachandran in important roles. Unni Mukundan will be seen portraying four different roles in Chanakya Tantram and will be one of the biggest experiments in Malayalam cinema in the recent times. “Sshivada will be doing a modern character which she has not done in Malayalam cinema so far. Her character is the CEO of a big company, a strong woman,” director Kannan had told TOI speaking about the film.

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